9 takeaways from Zara Noor Abbas' online Q&A

Actor shared her likes, dislikes and beliefs in a recent #AskZara Twitter session

Entertainment Desk June 28, 2021

Popular actor Zara Noor Abbas, who has managed to earn a name for herself with her sheer hard work and perseverance, recently took to Twitter to engage in a Q&A with her followers.

The 31-year-old, who recently made waves with her work in Ehd-e-Wafa and Zebaish, has often had to tackle allegations of nepotism and detail her quick jump to fame in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, provided her family background.

But in a first of her many to come one on ones with fans, Zara has opened up about her likes, dislikes and beliefs. Taking to the micro-blogging site on Sunday night, she wrote, “Is it too late for an #AskZara right now? If not, fire away,” and so netizens followed! Here's a lowdown of nine juicy details the starlet shared in her online session.

Favourite hobby

Being an actor, Zara likes to watch old-school films, shocking right?

Favourite place

“Santorini jana hai (I want to go to Santorini). It’s in Greece, one day [I will], InshAllah,” tweeted the actor.

Modeling or acting?

“I like acting, I don’t know how to model,” admitted Zara.

Favourite writer

“Sajji Gul and Umera Ahmed,” confessed the starlet.

Comfort food

When a user offered to send food, provided their mother would like to cook something for Zara and her family, the Parey Hut Love star – without hesitation – wrote, “Mothers are so sweet. My favourite is biryani, any day!”

Advice to younger self

“Live freely, do not be afraid of anyone and never be dependent on anyone for emotional comfort,” shared the actor.

Favourite SRK film

“There isn’t one,” admitted Zara. “I love every single film of his, every ad, every interview and every word,” shared the celebrity in a Mahira-esque fashion.

Advice for a happy married life

“A happy married life comes later, first comes a happy mind and a life of your own. [When] you make yourself happy, everyone [around you] will automatically be happy,” shared Zara.

Favourite book

“I really like Mrs Funny Bones by Mrs Funny Bones,” concluded the actor.

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