One person burnt alive as seven vehicles set ablaze in Karachi

Police claim to have detained over a dozen miscreants as many areas of the city remain tense after firing.

Express/faraz Khan August 12, 2011
One person burnt alive as seven vehicles set ablaze in Karachi

KARACHI: A mini bus full of passengers was set ablaze near Tower in which one person was burnt alive while up to five others suffered burns injuries as miscreants went on a seeming rampage in the city which saw six other vehicles torched.

According to details, a bus route of W-11 was set ablaze within Jackson police station remits. The bus had passengers on board and the fire killed one of them. Five other also suffered burns injuries. They were rushed to the burns ward at Civil Hospital.

This was not the only incident of vehicles being torched in the city with buses being torched at NIPA, in Korangi, Orangi, North Nazimabad, and Mai Kolachi.

A Suzuki pick up was also reportedly torched at Gaggar Phatak, while a dumper truck was burnt on Super Highway.

Reports of firing from various areas was also received where tensions ran high in Shah Faisal, Gulistan-e- Johar, Gulshan, Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Bin Qasim, Steel Town, Gaggar Phatak, Pipri, Ittehad Town, Baldia Town, Malir, Safoora, Sachal, Pehelwan goth, Orangi Town and Sohrab Goth.  Over half a dozen people were also reportedly injured in firing incidents across the city.

Two SHOs of Aziz Bhatti and Steel Town police station were suspended. However, police had also managed to detain over a dozen miscreants.

updated from print edition below.

No transport today: Firing erupts as parties prepare to strike

Sindhi nationalist and religious parties are set to orchestrate a province-wide shutterdown and wheel-jam strike Saturday (today) against the government’s decision to restore the Local Government Ordinance (SLGO) 2001.

The provincial government’s coalition partners, the Awami National Party (ANP) and National Peoples Party (NPP), are backing it as they argue that the decision to bring back the SLGO was an anti-Sindh move. The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Sunni Tehreek and Balochistan National Party (Awami) are also taking part. The Karachi Transport Ittehad (KTI) has advised its members to stay off the roads as they do not want to be subjected to violence.

“Some men set five buses on fire near Safoora Chowrangi and the government has failed to protect us,” said KTI president Irshad Bukhari.

The nationalist parties, including the Sindh United Party (SUP), Jeay Sindh Qaumi Movement, Sindh National Front, Sindh National Party, Sindh Tarraqi Passand Party, Awami Tehreek and Jeay Sindh Tehreek have decided to launch a ‘Save Sindh Committee’ against what they say is the administrative division of the province.

“We want a peaceful strike but the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leaders are trying to disrupt the law and order situation by creating a civil war in Sindh,” said SUP’s Jalal Mehmood Shah. “The PPP leaders have asked their party workers to ensure that our strike fails but they have no idea about how the people of Sindh have rejected them.” He added that people who blamed the nationalists for their loss in the union council elections would learn how the people of the province could stand and react against them. Already by Friday night, firing was reported in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulstan-e-Jauhar, Sachal Goth, Malir, Qauidabad, Gadap Town and Bin Qasim Town.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 13th, 2011.


Ashar | 12 years ago | Reply All in the name of "Saving Sind"..==..Whatever the system, why would you kill people and set things on fire? ANP is not a good party who has hijacked the peace of Karachi. Karachi was very peaceful during Mushrraf era. Why there was no violence no target killing in that era and why it has suddenly started happening in last couple of years? I think you all have answer to that.. The people who were caught during ANP JSQM strike on 13th August while they were either setting buses/cars on fire or were forcefully closing businesses. The FIRs as follows: FIR.NO.421/422/2011 U/S 147/148/149/353/324/34 and 13/D,PPC and arms ord. Of PS.Sirsyed. Date.13-8-11. Time.0005hrs. Location.Bilal Colony Chowk. Arrested Accused. Ghaffor Khan s/o Saidullah. (ANP) Arrested after an encounter while he was robbing people and torching public property. Absconding Accused.1.Abdullah.(Presid​ent ANP ward)2.Ahmad Jan(Unit Incharge ANP)3.Bakht Buland.(ANP)4.Zar Wali.(ANP)5.Gul Mohammad(ANP)6.Qasim(ANP)7​.Lal Mohmmad(ANP)8.Ashfaq Choudhry(ANP) All accused are pushto speaking and belongs to ANP. Date & Location 13/08/2011 Main road near G.23 STOP Kamisha goth 5/F new khi U/s :- 147/148/149/337h(¡¡) ppc Arrested Accused:- 1- Mashooq ali s/o dolat 2- Waheed s/o ali hassan ... Mafror mulziman 1.fida balouch 2.hameed balouch 3.ashger brohi 4.imtiaz urf joni (saddar jisqum khamisa goth) Still people don't know who are behind all the violence in Karachi?
Syed | 12 years ago | Reply

Its all summing to the desired point and we know who are the project managers. May Allah have mercy on us and mercy on our Pakistan.

@Mehran. All urdu speaking population living in Sindh (except Karachi) speaks fluent Sindhi as you can speak. In Karachi also Sindhi language is compulsory till high school and everyone has to pass it well to maintain his or her merit position. So this argument is baseless now that they should speak Sindhi to have peace. For the last 64 years Sindh Govt has been headed by our Sindhi brothers and they are also headed the Federal Govt many times since 1971 (like these days). Can you please name a single project that has been initiated in Sindh for their own people?? Please enlighten us if any work has been done for roti kapra aur makan as this has being promised to them for taking votes on Sindh card?? Do they have drinkable water? Do they have healthcare facilities? Do they have schools for education? Who is drawing salaries and other expenses for 8,000 ghost schools in the Province? Who is stopping you take care of your own brothers and sisters? WHO?? You have all the powers and resources to do this. So please dont spread hatred and look inside of yourself. There are good and bad in every one so pls dont blame the whole community in the name of your own rights. Dont you understand this nazim system is better because you can elect your own leader through votes? Why you want a DC should govern you? Only because your opponents are saying a right thing?

Please be sensible and try to live as brothers. 20 million urdu speaking are not going anywhere. Rest assured. We are also Sindhi and we dont need any certificate from you or anyone else. Please spread love and not hate. If you are not paid by those forces who want to break Pakistan then you will understand this. Allah hum sab kmo aqal dey.

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