Beat the heat: Why hot coffee actually makes sense even on hot days?

Explore the myriad benefits of coffee beyond the energy-boosting properties it boasts during summer

June 03, 2021
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When the temperature soars, anything that makes you feel super hot should be instantly checked off the list.

What if you’re a true coffee fanatic who doesn’t agree on giving up drinking hot coffee, even amid the scorching summer heat of Pakistan?

Well, turns out if coffee makes you feel better, you aren’t nuts after all.

Science Of US reveals that hot beverages have much more counterintuitive cooling powers than per se an iced coffee. Since sweating is fundamentally the human body’s main way of cooling off, our bodies instantly kick-start sweat production as soon as they sense a change in temperature. This, thereby, causes the sweat to evaporate from the skin, resulting in our body cooling down.

Here’s why the delightful steaming cup of COFFEE that contains abundant antioxidants should be your new summer BFF.

Coffee is tied to lower rates of other diseases

Myriad researches show that regular coffee consumption may help against several chronic illnesses, such as cancers, Parkinson’s, and Cardiovascular Diseases. It also prevents strokes and cognitive decline while improving alertness and memory.

Coffee induces happiness

Researchers reveal that drinking coffee is linked to positive emotions, and the black portion encourages a sense of calm, affection, satisfaction, and most importantly, happiness. In fact, a Harvard study found that coffee consumption reduces the risk of depression significantly. Amazing!

Coffee consumption is inversely associated with the risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes

Experts found that enjoying a cup of hot brew every day may decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 6%. Surprised? Scientists trace the potential benefits back to its anti-inflammatory effects, and the fact that it comprises a multitude of essential nutrients and diverse health-protective gut microbes.

Coffee may help you achieve your summer bod goals

Several studies have concluded that coffee improves blood circulation, increases muscular strength, power, endurance and performance. In fact, Journal of Applied Physiology reveals that muscle carbohydrate stores are replenished more rapidly when caffeine is consumed post workout, resulting in you achieving your summer body goals faster!

So, now you know, whether it is the peak of summers or chilly winters, coffee is your best bet. The tantalising hot brew is your key to staying cool while helping you reap a plethora of matchless health benefits.

Say hello to a refreshing "CAFFIENE buzz" to enhance productivity, and make summer memorable!!


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