Importance of self-care

Importance of self-care

Alizey Naqvi May 29, 2021


In the present age where everyone is in a rush to achieve their goals in life, people have forgotten to take care of themselves. In the race to be successful they have neglected the fact that in doing so they are losing their health. The famous saying “health is wealth” is not just a saying but has a rather deep meaning. One needs to remain healthy if one is to lead a prosperous life. If a person is not healthy then s/he cannot enjoy life to the fullest. Health is what makes a man most joyful and satisfied in life and people don’t realise this. In the hustle of attaining material things they do not know what they are missing out on.

The first and foremost thing that people should focus on in their life is their health through self-care. One should crave out time from their busy schedule for things that make them feel at peace, mentally and emotionally. For many people journaling is the best way to relax and let lose all their thoughts and feelings. For some going to a salon, having a massage, or going for spa works as a therapy. Many would even prefer an outing which may include shopping, going out for lunch or dinner, visiting a park or watching a movie. There are also those who revert to yoga and meditating. For me the best relaxation therapy is curling up on my bean bag and fading away into a mystical world of my favourite novel.

Self-care is very essential so do not let anyone or anything interrupt your peace time. Life may be tough but make sure you do your best to take care of health, body and mind because at the end of the day it is all about enjoying life and being happy.


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