Sabyasachi asked Deepika to wear a Burqa once

To keep her wedding outfits a secret, the designer asked the star to come for fittings undercover

Entertainment Desk May 28, 2021

Deepika Padukone stunned the world with her beautiful and extravagant outfits custom-designed by Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee for her wedding to actor Ranveer Singh. Deepika tied the knot with her Bajirao Mastani co-star in November 2018, in Italy, sharing her multiple outfits on Instagram for the world to admire. Constantly hounded by cameras, it is difficult to imagine how the Piku star managed to keep the wedding planning under wraps and the paparazzi clueless about the impending celebration. 

Sabyasachi shared his experience of designing the superstar’s bridal outfits, speaking about his constant fear of the big secret being revealed. Planning for the wedding began six months early, and the acclaimed designer revealed that he had asked Deepika to come in for fittings while clad in a burqa in order to cover up her identity. However, Deepika was not on board with the idea, reported Hindustan Times

"When Deepika called, and it's not because of her, the first thing that flashed into my head was Nightmare on Elm Street part 5. I was like 'Oh my god!' because you see I did Anushka's wedding before that. We do a lot of celebrity weddings but in India when you are doing the wedding of a movie star, you're very worried the secrets will go out. I was like when we were doing Anushka's wedding we had one month to make the outfit but with Deepika's, there were six and everybody was speculating,” said the ace designer.

Sabya continued, “I mean Deepika and Ranveer must have gotten married 50 times in the press before she was actually married.” He added, "A few people from the Mumbai store knew because that's where Deepika used to come secretly for her measurements and I was terrified that there would be some press hanging somewhere there. We were terrified and I kept telling Deepika that 'come in a burqa'.”

He recalled Deepika saying, “If I come in a burqa that's when I will get spotted.” The couturier added, “A few more people who were helping her with measurements and all knew. But most people in my factory, because there are 1,800 people at work there, thought it was Naomi Campbell getting married to an Indian prince."

Earlier, Deepika revealed that there was a strict no-phone policy at her wedding. “Privacy was secondary. The reason we asked our guests not to have cell phones was because we wanted them to be present in the moment. Usually, everyone is on their cell phones, capturing the moment,” the actor told Filmfare. She added, "These moments should be in your mind and heart as they’re never going to come back. Every single guest, I kid you not, is so thankful. People who’ve never danced in their lives were on the dance floor. That’s how free people were.”



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