Before you try to question me, check your bank balance: Waqar Zaka

The influencer's opinion didn't sit well with several of his followers

Entertainment Desk May 25, 2021

Waqar Zaka, the self-anointed poster child for crypto and divisive opinions would like you to check your bank balance before you try to point fingers at him. If you aren’t entirely sure how having an opinion about Zaka’s antics has anything to do with the amount of cash in your arsenal, rest assured, you are not alone. 

In a recent tweet, Zaka shared that he would never point fingers at or question the actions of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, since his pockets aren’t as heavy as Musk’s. In the same vein, he has asked his followers to back off until they have enough money, and speak up against him only when they can match Zaka’s financial status. 

“At this stage, I’m not in a position to question @elonmusk till I reach to his level of bank balance and match his level of contribution for humanity, so before you try to question Waqar Zaka, check ur bank balance,” tweeted the TV show host turned influencer turned politician turned… crypto enthusiast? 

While Zaka’s underlying claim of direct proportionality between the money in a person’s bank account and their service towards humanity may quite easily fall apart after a few quick google searches, with billionaires not always being the most charitable people out there, his comments implying that individuals from lower and middle-income backgrounds should not have an opinion have irked more than a few Twitter users. 

One user told him that according to Zaka’s logic, no one should be allowed to question corrupt officials with fat pockets. “After all that mess u came up with this excuse that our bank balance isn’t enough to question u. At least give the proper example if u want to bail and don’t want to get blame for messes. That way we aren’t in the position to question corrupt leaders because of their bank balance (it’s our money tho),” one user tweeted. 

Another user spoke of how Zaka’s tweet was a symptom of the pervasive mentality in desi households that a person’s financial standing is the only thing that determines their progress and worth. “Typical desi mentality. Not too long ago Elon was only worth $20B. Not long ago he was a kid looking for opportunities. Bank balance is not the only measure of being able to make progress. This is why Pakistan is going to remain behind others,” they said.

A Twitter user was concerned about Zaka’s plans to run for Prime Minister of Pakistan, given his opinions. They said, “Just wow! And this guy wants to be the prime minister of Pakistan. Accountability = undefined. If you are a public figure, anyone can question you @ZakaWaqar or tell us how much worth anyone should have to question you? Hurting sentiments!” 

Another user echoed the same in their tweet saying, “And you aspire to hold some big govt position? That’s a very dangerous approach if you want to serve the public by any means. At one side you sympathise with people and then there’s this?”



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