Mia Khalifa will post her TikToks on Twitter for Pakistanis after being banned in the region

The 27-year-old has been blocked for Pakistani viewers on the app, so she has given a 'shoutout' to the country

Entertainment Desk May 23, 2021

Social media personality, webcam model, and sports commentator Mia Khalifa has been recurrently criticised for working as an adult film star by various Pakistanis and Muslims around the world. She even received death threats from the Islamic state.

The Lebanese-American hailing from Beirut, quit the industry shortly after and relocated to Miami where she worked as a paralegal and bookkeeper. A petition demanding her videos be taken down after she admitted they will "haunt her until she dies," even circulated the internet earlier.

While she now runs a YouTube channel and live streams on Twitch, the 27-year-old has been blocked on TikTok for Pakistani viewers, following which, she shared her sentiments on Twitter. Khalifa has discovered an alternative for her Pakistani fans who would like to view her videos irrespective of the ban and "circumvent fascism."

"It’s an absolute hate crime that they banned @miakhalifa’s TikTok in pakistan, I hate living here," wrote a user on the micro-blogging site. To this, Khalifa responded, "LMAO they what?!"

In a follow-up tweet she added, "Shoutout to Pakistan for banning my tiktok account from the country. I’ll be re-posting all my tiktoks on Twitter from now on for my Pakistani fans who want to circumvent fascism."

It is estimated that Khalifa is worth approximately $4 million. While working in the porn industry for the three months that she did, she allegedly made only $12,000, earning around $1,000 a scene.

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