Rivals till cricket, Arjun Kapoor hopes for cordial Indo-Pak relations

Actor weighed in on grave subjects including the problematic political relationship between India and Pakistan

Entertainment Desk May 21, 2021

It's a packed month for Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor. His latest film, Sardar Ka Grandson, is officially on Netflix, which has resulted in him becoming the talk of the town. In a recent interview with Indian publication, Bollywood Hungama, the actor got candid about his recent outing, whilst also weighed in on grave subjects including the problematic political relationship between India and Pakistan.

The actor, who has been a staunch supporter of Pakistani artists being cast in his country, shared his sentiments were mirrored by a majority of his countrymen too. “Majority has been proactively supportive, there is euphoria for our films, there is love and unconditional support. I would refuse to believe that entertainment has not crossed boundaries and not connected people when it was not really possible due to the political environment and bureaucracy," the Ki & Ka star shared.

He added, "This is one such time where today emotions have resonated and people are coming together and leaving aside borders and whatever the political scenario might have been one or two years ago.” Kapoor continued, “Today, people are not thinking about what the situation was but are dealing with what the situation is. I respect that and I regard that and I hope it is not forgotten. After six months, things will get better; we might want to go back to certain postures about the way we believe."

Hinting at how Pakistan stood by India’s side in the time of need, to tackle its stressful battle with Covid-19, Kapoor commented, "But that is where humanity has to grow and mature and evolve and you should not forget that in the time of need there was a helping hand and that should be respected in the bigger picture. We do realise that the situation is not about the people, it's about the environment that is created and that has a certain diplomatic, bureaucratic and political turn.”

Kapoor reiterated how the said 'rivalry' is often limited to cricket. “People are not adverse to each other except when cricket happens. That’s it – which is also where Neena (Gupta) ma'am's character in the film comes in. Except for cricket, we have friendship and I just hope that friendship is kept alive and maintained." The actor hoped that the “distance and vacuum that has been created goes away and we are able to co-exist with peace and that is what Sardar Ka Grandson also deals with: peace.”

He mentioned that the whole point of making the film was to create emotion, adding that he feels happy people are connecting with it. Earlier, in an emotional Instagram post, the actor said he is immensely grateful to have found films of his liking. Kapoor wrote, “I have been fortunate enough to get films that have made me tap into my beautiful childhood memories and life experiences. Whether it was a Ki & Ka which was for my mother or now Sardar Ka Grandson for my grandmothers, these are films that have connected to my soul and will forever be my most favourite films.”

Kapoor then went on to thank his director, Kaashvie Nair, for giving him a film that he could instantly related to and brought back memories from his childhood. He said, “I’m deeply thankful that in Sardar Ka Grandson I got a chance to be directed by the sensitive and extremely mature Kaashvie Nair, my first female director, who was also helming her first feature film. Kaashvie, you have given me a film to cherish forever and be proud of. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”  

The son of ace producer Boney Kapoor added, “You gave me solid material that connected to me so deeply and instantly because of the story’s uncanny similarity with my grandparents’ lives in various ways. Moreover, the character of Sardar in the film is very similar to my nani. She was actually a riot when you interacted with her and I could see her in Sardar, every step of the way. I was literally living through various phases, emotions and memories, some mine some theirs.”

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