Olympic torch not coming to Pakistan: Olympics Committee

Secretary Pakistan Olympics Committee confirms reports.

Express August 12, 2011

LAUSANNE: The Olympics Committee has decided that the London Olympics torch will not come to Pakistan due to security reasons, on Friday.

Representing peace, unity and friendship, the flame will be carried by 8000 inspirational torchbearers all across the world however the torch will not pass through Pakistan as the security situation in the country has been unstable in recent years.

Secretary Pakistan Olympics Committee also confirmed the report saying that the prestigious torch will not come to Pakistan for the next Olympics.

The event is to be held next year in British capital.

The London 2012 Olympic Torch has been designed by East Londoner's Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.

Earlier China’s state media has questioned the ability of London’s embattled police to “maintain social order” for the 2012 Olympics after Britain suffered its worst riots in decades.

More than 1,100 people have been arrested since violence erupted on Saturday in the north London district of Tottenham and then spread to other British cities, leaving three people dead.

“Although officials such as London Mayor Boris Johnson still express their faith in security at the Olympics after the riots, many unfavourable factors exist that make it hard for people to relax,” said http://www.china.com.cn.

(Read: China questions Olympics security after UK riots)


abdussamad | 12 years ago | Reply

@Mirza: Taxes are paid in PKR not foreign currency. Taxes are always paid in the local currency in every country on the planet. And Pakistani exporters earn a hell of a lot more foreign currency than Pakistanis working abroad send home. So, really, get your facts straight!

Mirza | 12 years ago | Reply

@saeed: I wrote this "We would be left alone in the world and treated as a terrorist nation." I did not say that we are a terrorist nation. Yes we would be treated as one, if we do not shape up. Don't shoot the messenger, I am only telling what is happening. May be the following example would make you understand In a country where the cold blooded murderers of Salman Taseer and Bhatti are safe and the courts and rightwing parties shower them with roses, the world is not going to form a positive opinion about it. The justice in Pakistan is not only blind it is selective. Let us keep it civil and argue like educated civilized people. Nobody has a monopoly over Islam and love for Pakistan. Pakistan’s largest source of foreign exchange is the money we send to our country. Not the taxes paid by people living in Pakistan. We are not stealing taxes, power and bribes, only serving the nation. Happy Independence Day! Thanks and regards, Mirza

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