Post-mortem report of slain girl confirms torture

Victim suffered two bullet wounds

Our Correspondent May 20, 2021


Mahira Zulfiqar, a British-Pakistani who was found murdered in her bedroom in a rented house in the Defence area, was brutally tortured before being shot dead. The victim’s body bore marks of strangulation on her neck also, the post-mortem report revealed.

The report showed that she had suffered at least six injuries including two bullet wounds. The first bullet injury was on her neck. The bullet hit her neck and pierced through the skull close to her left ear.

The second bullet injury was spotted on her right arm according to the report. The third injury was of nail scratching on her left hand, the fourth also of nail scratching on her left leg and the fifth of abrasion on her left knee cap.

The last injury encircled her neck.

The post-mortem showed that she had marks of strangulation around her neck.

The report read: “a reddish bruise of 35cm completely encircling the neck, 6cm below the left ear, 7cm from the chin, 9cm from the right ear and 9cm from manubrium sterni”.

An empty bullet shell was also recovered from her hair.

Mahira had returned to Pakistan two months back. Her parents still lived in Britain. She had been living with her friend in a rented house.

On the day of the incident, her body was recovered from the upper floor of the house where she used to live.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 20th, 2021.