31-45 age group most affected by Covid-19 in federal capital

Report reveals 22,447 people falling in age bracket infected so far

Shabbir Hussain May 16, 2021

A report drawn up by the Islamabad district health authority (DHA) suggests that people aged between 31 years and 45 years were the most affected by the novel coronavirus in Islamabad. The researchers, however, were unable to reason for the anomaly.

The report said that 22,447 people falling in this age bracket were infected by the coronavirus. The report added that 15,989 people aged between 21 and 30 years while 15,027 persons aged between 46 and 60 years contracted the virus too.

On the other hand, 8,805 children up to 10-year-old have been infected by covid-19 in Islamabad. The least infected patients were those aged between 11 years and 20 years, they numbered only 7,282.

Similarly, 8,180 people aged between 61 and 80 years tested positive for the pathogen while 800 covid-positive patients were those aged 81 or above.

Collectively, the report said that 79,027 people had contracted the virus in the federal capital while 727 fatalities had been recorded to date.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 16th, 2021.

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