My heart goes out to all those who’ve had toxic moms: Anoushey Ashraf

Actor shares a series of positive affirmations for all those unable or unwilling to celebrate Mother's Day.

Entertainment Desk May 10, 2021

Celebrities from across the world took to social media on Sunday to post extremely adorable photos with their mothers. Some penned heartfelt notes tagging their moms, while others uploaded videos and snippets of the celebration they put together.

Few celebs, being mommies themselves, uploaded photos with their little ones to rejoice motherhood. And some even shared the gifts they received from their children to mark the auspicious occasion. However, celebrities like Anoushey Ashraf and Hania Aamir shared a heartfelt message for those who might not be as happy on Mother’s Day.

Ashraf took to Instagram to share a series of positive affirmations for people with strained parent-child relationships, people without mothers, and those unable to become mothers, or mothers who have lost their children.

The affirmations went on to assert, “Your feelings about Mother’s Day are valid because you’re valid. Celebrate the caregivers who are worthy of celebration. It’s okay if you’re tired of pretending your hurtful mother is worth celebrating. Not all mothers deserve to be celebrated. It’s reasonable to long for a caregiver you never had. It is okay to grieve for the mother you lost too soon. It makes sense if Mother’s Day is hard because you’ve lost a child or have been unable to have a child. It’s okay if Mother’s Day is just another day.”

In her caption, she acknowledged that not everyone may be celebrating Mother’s Day like most people can. “I hear you. I feel you,” she swore. “And i’ll always be here for you,” added the actor.

Ashraf said that while she is grateful for her beautiful mother every day, some have it otherwise. “Dysfunctional families exist and it’s vital to understand where it takes you down,” continued the host.

“My heart goes out to all who’ve had a difficult childhood with their parents, have had toxic moms and continue to struggle with their boundaries regarding their parents. Respect her, always. But also, stand up for who you are and want to be, gently but sternly,” concluded the celebrity.

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