Why is 'Sexify' trending in our country? Saba Qamar asks 'shareef' Pakistanis

The adult Netflix series has quickly secured the top spot on Pakistan’s most-watched list

Entertainment Desk May 10, 2021

The recently-released Netflix adult-comedy series Sexify has quickly secured the top spot on Pakistan’s most-watched list on the streaming giant. The Polish show follows the story of few female college students who decide to build a sex application with a focus on women’s pleasure.

With discussions on sex and sexual wellness being taboo in the country, questions of hypocrisy on the part of the majority of viewers naturally cropped up. Pakistani Twitter was quick to call out the popularity of the show during the Holy month of Ramzan.

One user tweeted, “It’s Ramzan’s last Friday and Sexify is trending No 1 in Pakistan on Netflix. Waah!! #jummahtuwida”


Another user shared, “iSlaMiC rEpuBliC oF pAkIsTan ? More like the hypocrites republic of Pakistan lolol! Sexify trending on Netflix in Ramazan. Mashallah”


Actor Saba Qamar, who has never been one to shy away from awkward conversations, was quick to highlight the issue. The Hindi Medium starlet took to Instagram to share a picture of herself casually reclining on a sofa with the caption, “Awam toh humari bohut shareef hai phir yeh trending mein No 1 peh kyun hai? #Netflix.” (Our people are so pious, then why is Sexify trending on top?)


The Baaghi actor has been hounded relentlessly by the country’s moral police in the past, most recently being chastised for posing for pictures inside the Wazir Khan mosque. The controversy led to a notification from the relevant department, which prohibited any cinematography featuring a woman in a shrine or mosque. Qamar was also criticised due to leaked pictures in which the actor has a cigarette in her hand in 2018.

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Talha ibne Shahid | 1 month ago | Reply

Only ninety thousand people using netflix in pakistan we cannot potray The whole picture of country the country s population is about 220 million

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