Shan Foods redefines the true meaning of ‘humanity’ via its soul-stirring campaign #RamzanKiShan

The powerful TVC highlights the spirit of Ramzan by teaching us the joy of sharing

Shan Foods
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"Sharing is caring"

Haven’t we all heard our parents repeat the phrase throughout our life while growing up to inculcate its value in our upbringing? If you’re part of the welcoming and inclusive Pakistani culture you probably know how to share your happiness to make others smile to the point where it becomes an expansive celebration.

However, it's safe to say that the world forgot the power of unity when it got lost in religion, caste, cultures, privileges, skin colour, and myriad other prejudices that divide us. A devastating pandemic is what it all took to teach us that kindness has no religion; it’s the humanity as a whole that matters the most.

One remarkable Pakistani brand that needs no introduction took it upon themselves to outshine with #RamzanKiShan campaign that is no less than a breath of fresh air amidst such testing times. Shan Foods wants us to remember that we are one global community.

With an intriguing and incredibly uplifting poetry by the ingenious Bulleh Shah being played in the background, the latest campaign by Shan Foods has paid a mesmerising tribute to the unity and goodness possessed by the Sikh community and their bond with Muslims. The eye-catching TVC starts by a Pakistani woman cooking scrumptious meals by adding beguiling desi spices to spruce up the traditional dishes.

The woman then requests her husband to join the feast, using a Punjabi dialect. To the viewer's surprise, the husband is a Sikh Pakistani citizen, and the benevolent couple was arranging iftari for Muslims because 'Muhabbat, Salamti, aur Aman ka Paigham he tou hai #RamzanKiShan'.

The heartwarming yet eye-opening TVC is a much-needed step towards raising awareness about the importance of unity and inclusiveness. Infused with harmony and true essence of the holy month of Ramzan, the campaign fills our hearts with optimism and gives us hope as the world goes through such difficult times.

Whether its about celebrating empowered women for all that they do beyond the kitchen while breaking age-old stereotypes riled at the women of our society, to presenting a son-in-law who can cook the perfect mouth-watering biryani that wins hearts of the brothers-in-law trying to judge his masculinity with other physical strength tasks, Shan always defies stereotypes while making us realise that perceptions can sometimes blind us from the power of truth.

In another scenario, Shan made the world recognise the importance of food for opening the door to our hearts with a TVC #KhaanaWithParosi that was rolled out in 2017. It featured a Chinese woman who taught us the value of inclusivity, and biryani, while celebrating and cherishing the tradition of sharing with neighbours.

From delicious achaars to splendid condiments and masalas that have traditionally united foodies everywhere, #Shanfoods wants us to realise that unity is the true essence of Ramzan.

Let us pledge to pray together to make this world a spicier yet kinder place where there is inclusivity and unified humanity #RamzanWithAll.


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