It was a beautiful journey: Shaista Lodhi opens up about life after divorce

The morning show host had revealed in a special Ramzan transmission recently

Entertainment Desk April 27, 2021

Best known for her own morning shows, this time around Shaista Lodhi appeared on a Ramazan transmission hosted by Nida Yasir. Lodhi was accompanied by singer Faakhir, where the two discussed spirituality, decisions and professional and personal life. Starting off with her career trajectory, Lodhi mentioned how her mother’s hardcore struggle back in the day, has made her into who she is today. She also noted how her overnight fame was nothing but the effort of her own family who had trained her into a mature and sensible woman.

Upon being asked about her journey from being Shaista Wahidi to Lodhi, she mentioned, “I see it from a different angle because it was a beautiful journey for me. It’s definitely not easy to switch from a settled life to something entirely different. That journey may become the subject of discussion but the truth stays with you.” Lodhi continued, “This experience of being married for 12 years has taught me a lot. The reason why I say this passage was beautiful for me is because it gave me my kids, wisdom, and relationships beyond marriage. I had this special bond with my now ex-mother-in-law, whom I was so close to that I can say she was like my own mother. My marriage did not end on a bad note but on a positive one.”


The host-cum-actor added, “When it comes to a failed relationship, I would like to say that I may be a great daughter or mother but at the same time I may be lacking in something else. At the end of it, I’m not a perfect human being.” Lodhi stated, “I would say it was a tough time for me and is for many other women who go through the same but in my case, being a public icon triggered my feelings even more and with that came a price that I paid in the form of rumours and tabloids that flipped the narrative.”

When Yasir asked her about how she manages to keep her kids in contact with their paternal side, Lodhi said, “I cannot part my kids from their family. After their father’s demise, they have become very close to their grandmother. As a mother, I believe that kids are meant to mingle and talk to their family members even if their parents may not be on talking terms because it’s not their fault. Moving them away or conspiring against anybody will only impact them negatively.”

In the end, she concluded with the idea that there will be moments in a marriage where partners will disagree so it is better to sort things out, think it through and reason, before its too late. She lauded her children for supporting her and wished that every woman builds her own support system.


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