IG Punjab seeks explanation from 7 officials on presence at US Consulate dinner

Officials claim they attended dinner in their personal capacity. Intelligence agencies also looking into the matter.

Rabia Mehmood August 11, 2011

LAHORE: Inspector General of Police (IG) Punjab Javed Iqbal has sought an explanation from seven high ranking police officials on their uninvited presence at a US Consulate General Iftar.

The dinner had been hosted by US Consul General Carmela Conroy in Lahore.

According to sources, the officials had not informed the relevant department of their presence at the Iftar dinner.

Some of the officials, while speaking to the media, claimed that they went to the dinner in their personal capacity and not as officials.

IG Punjab has called for an inquiry and intelligence agencies are also looking into the incident. The inquiry aims to uncover possible ties Punjab Police officials may have with American diplomats and if they are personal or not.

The officials who attended the iftar dinner include DIG Training Arif Nawaz, DIG Deputy Commandant Punjab Constabulary Khadim Hussain Bhatti, SP VVIP Security Lahore Waqas, SSP Elite Force Major Shehryar, SSP Major Nasrullah and SP Headquarters Lahore Romail Akram.

US Consulate General statement

"US Consulate General Lahore, along with the majority of our friends and neighbors in Pakistan, is celebrating the Holy Month of Ramzan by observing the breaking of fast at Iftar.  US Consul General Carmela Conroy has the pleasure of hosting some Iftari dinners, and has had the honor of being invited to Iftari dinners hosted by others.  We do not comment on the identities of those with whom we break fast."


Aftab Kenneth Wilson | 12 years ago | Reply

@uzair: I think you are overreacting on my comments and using such words as senses .... Just inform the readers out of 50 invitees how many went on their knees to attend the party? Don't forget that government officials are not independent but dependent to their superiors. Some of your friends also mentioned the names of some army personnel who blew the whistle about this party which can only be considered as "Finger Pointing" unnecessarily. I am only concerned about rules and regulations and would be more happy if these Officers including your Dad are promoted two steps above their present ranks as is the case usually witnessed in our beloved country. @ Romm even went further through some sounds of Jingle Bells of Establishment. Now cool down and have some chilled "Lassi" after magrib and leave a glass not empty but full for me.

uzair | 12 years ago | Reply

@Aftab Kenneth Wilson: Sir you don't only lack the sense of comprehending the situation but you have also missed out the key words,go above and read i have written "our society " which very much includes me ,secondly here is the rule which i am very sure you wouldn't have bothered to go through and yet you are making baseless arguments,any officer must not "associate" himself with the embassy,how on earth one dinner could suggest association with the consulate,look Mr aftab ,like i said about 50 bureaucrats were invited through printed cards sent to their offices,which is enough of an evidence to prove that there was no personal meeting as such,it was just a dinner and people must not take it in any other spirit,and i don't know to which sector do you belong but these officers(including my father) have given their blood to the department, they have served this nation for quiet a long time,they have risked their lives numerous times for the sake of people like you Mr aftab, this incident is not potent enough to effect their careers in any way,however you may speak,you may shout,you may protest in streets that wouldn't make any difference i challenge you,cheers :D

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