Three more 'Game of Thrones' spin-offs in the works

New report hints at a Marvel-like ‘universe’

Entertainment Desk March 20, 2021

Three more Game of Thrones (GoT) spinoffs are in development at HBO, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This is in addition to House of the Dragon, which comes out next year, and Tales of Dunk and Egg. The latter is yet to be confirmed officially.

House of the Dragon was ordered direct to series (without a pilot, an experimental episode that decides whether it will be greenlit or not), so for now, GoT has only one officially confirmed upcoming spinoff series.

Two of the three spinoffs in the report have working titles of 9 Voyages and 10,000 Ships. 9 The former comes from English screenwriter Bruno Heller, who created the historic drama series Rome for the network. It is about Lord Corlys Velaryon or The Sea Snake, who was the head of House Velaryon, and one of the players in the famous Dance of the Dragons event. Steve Toussaint plays the role in House of the Dragon, indicating that the GoT spinoffs could crossover with each other, thereby creating a ‘GoT’ universe.

10,000 Ships is about the legend of the princess of Rhoynar, from which people of Dorne have descended. According to the myths, she commanded 10,000 ships as she fled along with her people from the armies and dragons of Valyrian Freehold. They eventually ended up on the southern region of Westeros.

The third, and yet untitled, spinoff series is set in Flea Bottom, a slum in King’s Landing, the capital of Westeros. It is from this place that GoT characters like Davos Seaworth hailed.

While the original series may have ended on a disappointing and frustrating note, fans are hoping the spinoff series will undo the damage.


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