5 ways to keep your kitchen counter clean

With these tips and tricks you can make your kitchen organised and clutter-free

Entertainment Desk March 05, 2021

The kitchen is where the life is at when it comes to the center of home. Just a simple pleasant whiff of enticing aroma could take you where the scrumptious food is. But behind a scrumptious meal comes a pretty chaotic kitchen counter and a distant dream to have a squeaky clean kitchen bar.

While there are multiple hacks available online to keep kitchen counters clean, many are bogus. As compiled from Pinkvilla, here are five tips to get your dream-like kitchen clutter-free.

Keep appliances off the counter

When it comes to leaving breathing or open space in your kitchen, piling up appliances right on the counter is the first thing you need to change. Heavy appliances - even a simple microwave or oven - could clutter the top, which is why they need a separate shelf or space to begin with.

Organise kitchen utensils

Keeping utensils organised and categorised can ease your daily kitchen ventures. Hanging the utensils or splitting them into drawers could ensure a clean counter space.

Keep a multipurpose bowl

Living in a desi household, multipurpose bowls are a must. However, those can be seen only being used for cooking and nothing beyond. These bowls can help you categorise things like paper, bills, keys, accessories that seem to take unnecessary space.

Divide the space

Dividing space is crucial. Most kitchens tend to have counters in an L-shape so to optimise and figure out means to mentally divide space and allocate things accordingly. This includes a designated place to store spices, utensils, fruits, vegetables and so much more.

Only keep necessities on the counter

As stated above, avoid keeping everything and anything on the counter out on display. Keeping necessary stuff instead of everything allows it to seem clean and it becomes aesthetically pleasing. It can include some of frequently used spices, knives, utensils, machines, etc.