Behind every successful man is his wife, says Bushra Bibi

The First Lady recently visited a shelter home in Lahore's Data Darbar where she interacted with the media

Entertainment Desk March 04, 2021

This week, the first lady, Bushra Bibi visited a shelter home in Lahore's Data Darbar. She not only broke bread with those residing in the Panagah but also inspected the facilities at hand. This is not the first time she has visited sanctuaries for the destitute, as last year she visited various shelter homes located in the federal capital.

While interacting with the media on her visit, she responded to a query where she asked about her contribution to PM Imran Khan's success, Bushra Bibi said, "Behind every successful man, is his wife."

WATCH: Bushra Bibi visits shelter home near Data Darbar in Lahore

Earlier, the premier had shared that he discusses everything with his wife as she has “great wisdom”, saying that only a "fool wouldn't do so”.

“Only a fool doesn’t talk about everything with his wife. She has great wisdom. I discuss everything with her, also problems I face in government, dealing with complex situations,” he replied to a question regarding his marriage during an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel. “She is my soulmate. She is my companion. I would not have survived without her," he had maintained.

A great initiative: 

Shelter Homes, an initiative of Prime Minister Imran Khan, have been set up in five cities of the country since 2020 with plans to start such refuge in other cities as well. These shelter homes are very close to the heart of the premier as they provide food and shelter to the needy and destitute.

Bushra Bibi directed the management of the facility to further improve the standard of facilities at the shelter home.

Only a fool doesn't discuss everything with wife: Imran

Talking to a resident of the shelter-home, the first lady said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has provided shelter to the homeless people, adding that the government is committed to giving people their rights. 

"It is the responsibility of the government to look after the people at these shelter homes," she said on her visit, adding that feeding and providing shelter to the destitute is a duty and a virtue. "Service of the mankind pleases Allah Almighty," she concluded. 

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