Showbiz lives are as flawed as your own divorces and remarriages: Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan opened the flame thrower at judgmental fans, anonymous accounts, on ‘Time out with Ahsan Khan’

Entertainment Desk March 02, 2021

Nadia Khan and Sanam Jung are no strangers to the stage, as far as hosting is concerned. Both have aced their careers by conducting heartfelt conversations with a variety of public figures. So it was all the more interesting when these actors-turned-anchors were quizzed by Ahsan Khan on the latest episode of Time Out with Ahsan Khan.

Nadia and Sanam got candid about everything personal and public. “If you’re concerned about where I stand in my life, do yourself a favour, look me up on YouTube and you will find thousands of fabricated stories about my married life,” said Nadia, referring to how the pictures of her second marriage went viral recently. “People pass judgments about our lives on anonymous YouTube channels because they fear getting beaten up by a celebrity. That is exactly how I feel when someone passes a verdict about my affairs, marriage, divorces and all the gossip that our society loves to indulge in.”

“Once my mother-in-law started getting calls about my husband marrying another woman,” recalled Jung. “People either didn’t know or chose to ignore the fact that my husband is working as a pilot in the US and that is why I live here with my in-laws. This was misconstrued as a separation which it wasn’t and isn’t the case at all.”

Changing the subject immediately, Ahsan questioned Nadia, who is an avid social media user herself, how to cope with the madness. “Everyone gets married at some point in life but it is totally my personal call whether I share that update on social media or not,” she responded.  “What is shocking is that if you choose not to share personal photos on social media, then trolls will somehow get access to them and leak those photos online, leaving you with no option but to share everything with them.”

When Ahsan asked Nadia how she met her husband Faisal, she once again aimed the flame-thrower at social media. “People have said utter crap about my family. Things were formally initiated after Faisal’s and my kids met each other. We got married after our children gave us their consent,” she revealed.

But even that couldn’t save her from becoming a target. Nadia was then called out for adopting a son. “People had an issue with why I adopted a son when I can have one of my own and my reply was simple: I am not answerable to anyone. Kiyan is my jaan (life) and that’s all I have to say.”
Nadia and Sanam, who are both known for being outspoken and straightforward personas, concluded that people should be more concerned with what’s going on in their own households instead of someone else’s.

“Believe me, what happens in your household isn’t any better than what the people of showbiz go through in their lives. You better start smelling the coffee because multiple marriages and divorces are not just our stories,” they both said.


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