India developing online visa system for Pakistan

1,283 Pakistani nationals remain untraced as on June 30, 2011 says Indian Home Affairs Minister Jitendra Singh.

Ppi August 10, 2011

NEW DELHI: Nearly 1,300 Pakistanis on visit to India could not be traced after their visa expired, resulting in the Indian government creating an online data sharing system to track every person travelling from Pakistan, the government said on Wednesday, India Asian News Service (IANS) reported.

"As per information available, 1,283 Pakistani nationals remain untraced and missing as on June 30, 2011," Minister of State for Home Affairs Jitendra Singh said in a statement to Rajya Sabha.

"Intelligence agencies and state police regularly make efforts to locate missing Pakistani nationals and arrange to send them back to Pakistan once they are located," he said.

The minister said that to help in better tracking of Pakistani nationals, an online system has been introduced. With the system in place, every Pakistani national seeking Indian visa is required to file details online.

"This process ensures that intelligence agencies and state police have full details of Pakistani nationals, including their photographs, even before they enter India, which would help them to track Pakistani national after he or she arrives," he added.

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