Dear Pakistani men, be normal about 'That Time of the Month', says Ushna Shah

The actor sure knows how to use the platform provided to her as she highlights social issues such as period shaming

Entertainment Desk January 13, 2021

You have got to give it to Ushna Shah. The actor sure knows how to bring up social taboos on the public platform. Earlier this week, she had admitted to enjoying being “thick” when a troll had called her fat. And now, she is openly talking about women’s menstrual health.

Shah recently took to Instagram and shared her thoughts on being body-shamed. When a user advised her to keep her “gaining weight” in check, the Balaa star had penned, "I am no longer 21. I am a grown woman who enjoys food and has a naturally curvy body type. I am most comfortable in this weight because this is who I am and am very much in control of how I want to look. Society and sample sizes don't define my standard of beauty; I set my own and I like being fit and thick!"

Now, she is hoping to normalise the topic of menstruation. In a picture posted from presumably the sets of an upcoming project, Shah can be seen sitting with a heating pad on her abdomen. "Dear men," she began. "Normalise being normal about women's Time of The Month, please. You cannot begin to imagine how difficult this time is for us. The difficulty varies from woman to woman but for many of us, it is a week (or more) of pure hell."


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She went on, "I am talking PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) or even PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) for a week prior to the actual cycle, including mood swings, depression, indigestion, nausea, hunger, acne and insomnia, to name a few."

The starlet attempted to explain the agony faced by women when they are on their period. "And then, the day comes when it begins. It is uncomfortable, messy, painful (the cramps; oh God, the cramps!), the swelling (note my hands), bloating, water retention, many of the previous symptoms," she continued. "The truth is, all women go through this and it is nothing to be ashamed of. If we take away the embarrassment and stop being awkward about it, you can help us deal with it and make our days easier."

The Cheekh actor remarked on how the crew of a show took care of her when she got her period onset. "This picture is from right now. I walked on to a set filled with men, by a production house run entirely by men. Not a single woman on set aside from me. But thankfully, I could open up to my team and these men went out of their way to make sure I'd be as comfortable as possible." Shah penned. "From a hot water bottle (and continuous refills) to soup to rest between takes, I am in good hands today. Please make it so that the women in your home and workplace are also in good hands!"

Shah concluded, "Even some kind words make a huge difference. Ask how we are, give us a day off if you have the authority, stock the loo with tissues and trash baskets (please), if we are having an emotional moment. Be understanding (but don't blame PMS if we react to something bad you did, lol.”

Let's take a moment to commend Shah for batting for women around the world.

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