It is better to stay single than marry the wrong person: Navin Waqar

'Don't listen to any kind of trash talk that comes your way,' actor, who divorced husband Azfar Ali in 2015, shared

Entertainment Desk January 10, 2021

One of the topics that need to be normalised in a desi household is divorce. While it is still considered a taboo in society, many celebrities are sharing their own stories of broken marriage in hopes to start a conversation. Actors among Bushra Ansari, Rabya Chaudhry had recently talked about moving on from a toxic relationship.

The latest actor to talk about waiting until you find the right person to marry is starlet Navin Waqar. The actor tied the knot with Azfar Ali in 2012. Their marriage came to an end after three years in 2015 and since then, Navin has been thriving in her single life. The Humsafar star recently shared her story while speaking in a live Instagram session. “There is nothing wrong with being single, first of all," she began. “It is one of the most important phases in a woman’s life where she is independent, where she is getting to live her dreams, achieve her goals, live life to the fullest. I think there is nothing wrong with that."

Navin went on to highlight the obsession many have with women getting married. "If God forbid, I attend a wedding or an engagement, so many aunties ask me when I am getting married. So, I'm just thinking to myself, 'Why am I being asked this question relentlessly. There are 15 men behind me who are balding and aging. Nobody says anything to them.' I usually just respond that it is better to stay single and happy than marrying the wrong person."


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She remarked that if someone is supposed to get married, if that's in their fate, then nothing will get in the way of it. "So, don't listen to any kind of trash talk that comes your way. Understand that life is a gift and you are on this earth to do beautiful and amazing things and you do not have to get married in order to achieve that,” said the actor. “If anybody who is single right now, I think it's a great time to make a bucket list and achieve all the things you want.”

“Single girls do not let it get to you,” she added. “Enjoy your life.”

Recently, Mehiwsh Hayat shared how being single in 30s is not a big deal. "Let’s not let society dictate the way we want to lead our life. It is possible for a girl in her early 30s to be totally happy without being married and with children. It'll happen when it will and not to some prescribed timetable," she added, saying that change needs to be systemic.

Last month, model-cum-actor Rubya divulged her thoughts on divorce. "Divorce is not easy. When I said it didn’t always have to mean sadness, I didn’t mean you come out of it dancing straight away, or throw a divorce party and get the entire marriage ordeal out of your system, oh gosh no!” claimed the model. “I meant it could be the best decision you ever make in your life considering the circumstances you find yourself in as the relationship progresses, or in some cases, shows a lack of progress” she had written.

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They are those girls who earn money from left eight and center. Think about the ladies who are dependent on someone. It s always easy to speak than in act. 

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