How to know you're a quintessential Pakistani via Twitter

Local users are comparing reactions of Pakistanis and Americans when met with various situations and we are in fits!

Entertainment Desk January 02, 2021

2020 may have taught us many lessons, but not behaving like a quintessential Pakistani wasn't one of them. So as Clemson, Justin Fields, Ohio and Trevor Lawrence trend on US Twitter, our Twitterati are comparing the difference between a regular Pakistani and American under various circumstances.

That’s right, if you’ve been seeing a lot of Pakistani and US flags circulating on your social media, by all means, don’t treat them like the red flags you choose to ignore in unhealthy, unrequited relationships.

Instead, rather than feeling attacked (which you will), do laugh at yourself and tag your friends along the way because this chain of threads is unending.

So here’s a lowdown of all the introspection 2021 brought with itself, and we have to say, we are in fits!

Aray Sir!

That has to be it!

When you're living on change


Mental health who?

Every single time!

Wait, you have a room?

No you didn't..

Ishtikhara said 'no'

It's my bir..

If you don't have friends who do this, are you even Pakistani?

No pressure..

'Baray log'

We are a competitive nation

No I'm using my neighbour's picture for fun

How to know you've lost her

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