Mansha has a very strong sense of right, wrong: Jibran Nasir

The couple recently appeared together in a talk show

Entertainment Desk January 01, 2021

Popular actor Mansha Pasha and political activist Jibran Nasir recently celebrated their one year anniversary. Having exchanged rings in December last year, the two in the past 12 months have become Pakistan's favourite couple. For long fans have been yearning to see the couple together in an interview. Luckily for them, Pasha and Nasir recently appeared in a talk show hosted by nonother than Mira Sethi.

Addressing the elephant in the room first, the couple discussed how they have come to terms with Nasir's line of work. Asked on whether Nasir's political activism worries her, Pasha shared that for the most part she is not bothered. "I get this question a lot. When it comes to daily life, I am not worried. There are moments but even then I am not worried if he ( Nasir) isn't," she said.

For the Laal Kabootar actor, Nasir's knack for telling things like they are is one of his most lovable qualities. "To take that away from him would be like taking away the essence of him, things that I love most about him. I like that he is straight forward. I don't like it when people digress," she said.

Expressing the same sentiments, Nasir shared how Pasha's aspiration and ambitions are equally important to him. "I think for two people to start their journey together it is pertinent for them to be each other's cheerleader," he said.

In regard to her own habit of speaking out on issues, Pasha maintained that she is very 'measured' in expressing herself. "I don't think I speak out that much to be quiet honest. I am very measured. When it comes to politics I don't think I am that knowledgable although I have learnt a lot from Jibran. But I do talk about things like body-shaming since they are related to my work. People that avoid doing so, I don't blame them since for many, defining their own expression can be a very difficult process. If you're not careful with your words, the message can always be misconstrued by the public," she said.

Nasir chimed in saying that even in politics Pasha's opinion is of great value. "I think Mansha as a very strong sense of right and wrong. When it comes to politics she only learns political facts from me, for instance, the names of certain figures and incidents. Otherwise, she has an equally good sense of what is better for society. She does express herself in that regard. I don't know why she is being modest," Nasir said. 

Nasir also shared his opinion on how most public figures shy away from speaking their mind in Pakistan. "I think public figures her should understand that across the world, fans tend to fall in love with the personalities of their favourite celebrities. If you are unapologetic, blunt and have that rockstar attitude fans accept it. Here the opposite has happened that the image fans have made up in their minds, public figures just want to maintain it. So if you think that by speaking on a certain topic you will alienate a segment of your fans, then you have become a slave to fan perception of you. Keeping this kind of attitude could eventually lead to depression," the politician added.

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