Can’t understand why women keep quiet: Pankaj Tripathi

Actor wonders why traumas are bottled-up

Entertainment Desk December 26, 2020

In a recent interview, Indian actor Pankaj Tripathi said he is unable to understand why women prefer to stay silent instead of speaking up when met with trauma, especially in their personal lives.

“It’s unknown to me why women keep quiet when they go through trauma in personal life. They are tight-lipped when asked to share their problems,” the actor was quoted by IANS as saying. “I don’t really know how to decode it but somehow, this [problem] still exists in our society. Even if we stay in liberal urban cities, there still are few sections of society where women are not vocal about their problems,” Tripathi added.

The Ludo star’s observation comes after the release of his latest web series Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors. In the show, he plays lawyer Madhav Mishra, who fights the case of Anu Chandra, played by Kirti Kulhari, a woman who is arrested for killing her husband Vikram Chandra, a hotshot lawyer played by Jisshu Sengupta. As the plot unfolds, it turns out that the seemingly open and shut case has layers and Chandra might have been a victim in her marital life.

In another interview with The Indian Express, asked if he fears getting corrupted by the shine of showbiz from doing so many web series one after another, Tripathi said, “It won’t ever get corrupted. My software is very strong and I carry my anti-virus with me. I see birds flying back to their nests every evening from outside my window.”

He then added, “I know everyone has to come home every night, regardless of their stardom. I am a grounded person, connected to nature. I travel to villages and small towns. So, no, it won’t get corrupted because when your roots are firmly in the ground, the tree will survive both the good and the bad times.”



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