Shahveer Jafry accuses engagement photographers of 'posting without consent'

Former actor Aisha Khan has vouched for one of the accused as photographers share screenshots of attained consent

Entertainment Desk December 12, 2020

Canadian-Pakistani YouTuber Shahveer Jafry got engaged on Wednesday in an intimate ceremony. After much buzz, he took to Instagram and confirmed the news himself with pictures from the event.

However, the YouTuber then took to his Instagram stories to complain about the photographers who covered his event. According to him, these photographers shared images from his engagement without his consent.

“I usually don’t take up complaints to social media, but this has affected me personally,” wrote Jafry. “I’m highly disappointed by the photographers working on my engagement. Since the engagement was a publicized event, they took advantage of that and posted whatever pictures and videos they pleased on their social media handles without our consent. This was supposed to be a personal and private event but they just went public with it,” he continued.

He went as far as calling the photographers ‘vultures’ and said people deserved to know them, following which, he tagged the pages @Muazcaughtthis and @Coffee_cloud_photography. The photographer of @Muazcaughtthis then shared a screenshot of Jafry’s complaint writing, “Guys, he deleted this but here you go,” since the YouTuber had in fact, deleted his accusation.

The photographer then alleged, “Everything posted on my page is after Shaveer’s consent. He used my photos without my credits and lied to me a million times. He copied all the content from my camera on the spot because he wanted to post. Stop behaving innocently to the public, you should be held accountable for using content of creators without giving them credit.”

Turning the tables, the photographer warned Jafry that if photographers around the world could sue the biggest celebrities than suing a YouTuber shouldn't be a problem. “We can sue you whenever we want if you use content of young creators without giving credits,” added the page, pointing out how it is the photographers who own the copyrights not the clients.

The page @Coffee_cloud_photography posted the same issue on its Instagram, sharing a screenshot of their conversation with Jafry’s designer fiancée, Ayesha Beig. According to the screenshot, Beig had infact, given her consent to the page accused by Jafry. In a now deleted message, she had said, “Since all the pictures are everywhere, you can post whatever you want and thanks a lot.”

Former actor Aisha Uqbah Malik also came to defend this page upon being tagged by them, vouching for its photographers. In the comments section of their post, Aisha wrote, “Oh dear, there has got to be some misunderstanding. I know for a fact that that’s the last thing you’d ever do. Hoping this clears out soon, you are by far the most professional photographer I’ve ever worked with. I’ve wanted to name and shame the ones who were so unprofessional at my wedding. But I’d just gotten married and was too busy for any drama. I really hope this gets sorted out, till then, I’d vouch for you any day.”

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