Army convoy attacked with bomb in Quetta

Published: June 21, 2010

In the first incident of its nature, miscreants attacked a military convoy with a remote-controlled device on Saryab Road in Quetta, killing one soldier and injuring 13 others, among them six civilians, on Sunday, official sources said. The injured also included Quetta’s Assistant Commissioner Abdul Quddus Mengal.

“The Army convoy was the target which passed by on the main Saryab road,” an official told The Express Tribune. Four vehicles were damaged in the blast, he added.

Miscreants had parked an  explosives-laden car along Saryab Road near the Polytechnic Girls College and detonated it when the Army convoy – comprising four vehicles – passed by, official sources said. As a result 14 people, among them eight soldiers, were wounded.

The injured were rushed to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) and the Sandman Hospital Quetta for treatment. One of them, identified as Army soldier Deedar Ali, expired before reaching the hospital.

“Around 20 kilos of explosives were used in the blast,” an official of the Bomb Disposal Squad told The Express Tribune. The explosion turned the car in which the explosives were planted into a heap of mangled mettle. Windowpanes of buildings located nearby were shattered by the thud of the blast.

Police and paramilitary Frontier Corps threw a security cordon around the area following the attack while experts sifted through the debris for vital forensic evidence.

The military said that the Army convoy was on its way to Sibi, some 160 kilometres from the provincial capital. “It is the first incident of its kind in which a military convey has been attacked with a remote-controlled device in Quetta city,” army spokesperson Colonel Khalid told The Express Tribune. He also confirmed that seven army soldiers were injured in the attack.

Medics at the Sandemann Hospital said that seven injured were discharged after first aid, while one of them has been admitted to the hospital for treatment of his critical wounds.

SP Saryab Shahnawaz Khan refused to comment on the incident, saying that investigations were ongoing. Police have found the chassis number of the car used in the blast. The Saryab police have registered a case under the Explosive Substances Act.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 21st, 2010.

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  • Muhammad Amjad
    Jun 21, 2010 - 9:33AM

    For last two decades, if we see indian investment quickly increase in Afghanistan specially in south Afghanistan. Indian Govt. open a lot of consulates in Eastern Afghanistan cities for trade purposes. The world world knows very well that which type of trade are going on in Afghanistan. India during last two decades invests million of Dollars for different purposes. At this time all consulates are running under supervision of RAW (a indian secrete terrorist official agency),India set first example for moral world that the consulate and embassies are running under these kind of supervision.
    India with his allies Israel and (a well known country) provide logistic support to those terrorists involve indifferent type of activities in different areas of Pakistan.first they trained these peoples and then forward then inside Pakistan with weapons and financial support.
    India is involved in all type of insurgencies in Pakistan rather than Pakistan provide the number of proofs to United Nation and USA. But united Nation is like a rubber stamp and in hand of European countries and USA.
    America openly support openly ti india and Israel supported by USA for their terror activities in Muslim World on each activities against Muslim world. This not shocking for Muslim world if we see in History. History tell us many things and Examples.
    All world know very well who involve in Balochistan and Who want to destabilize the atomic Pakistan. They try to make many new rules and pass the resolutions for Muslim worlds especially for Pakistan. Before a few days ago or last month UNO pass a resolution related to Pakistan which was rejected by Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and says in a function arranged in Pakistan, We know these kind of resolutions are for us but we reject these kind of instruction or resolutions.
    Regarding all these issues Chinese support continue as old friend of Pakistan.
    USA finalize Nuclear deal with india rather than US provide this kind of Nuclear energy to Pakistan and Oblige the support of Pakistan for U.S to kill the Terrorism from World. Due to Pakistan Support now USA and Europe are much secure than old Position. But America support India against Pakistan related each issue.
    But very soon China come forward and finalized Nuclear deal with Pakistan .
    M. Amjad
    Software EngineerRecommend

  • Rohail Khan
    Jul 14, 2010 - 1:25PM

    The future of Pakistan is very bleak. There will be Pakistan in the future, no doubt about that, but it will be just like Afghanistan. We have to work together with the U.S Government. We need to get rid of the madrasas. We need to eliminate the Mullahs. The imam of a Mosque should have a PhD in Islamiat, or at least Masters. We need to ban the religious political parties. There are a lot of things we need to do if we want to save Pakistan. But we need the support of the U.S Government. We need advanced military equipments from the United States. Also, THE MOST important thing that we need to do right now is to support Pakistan Army. Our Army needs our support.Recommend

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