House-to-house search in Quetta: 150 held after policemen’s killings

The operation was in connection with targeted killings of SHO, two constables.

Shezad Baloch August 09, 2011

QUETTA: Paramilitary troops, police and the Anti-Terrorism Force (ATF) on Monday arrested around 150 suspects during a house-to-house search in connection with the targeted killings of SHO Manzoor Tareen and two constables.

While most of those arrested were released after interrogation, locals complained that security personnel barged into their homes and mistreated women and elders.

Mohammad Sadiq, whose cousin was picked up by police from his home during a pre-dawn raid said, “We are ready to cooperate with police but would not tolerate any insults to our women and elders.”

Senior citizen Mohammad Majeed said that “Police detains helpless people after any incident to cover their failure and despite tall claims remain unable to control target killings.”

Umer Abdullah, the spokesman of an unknown organisation which claimed responsibility for Tareen’s killing on Saryab Road had said Tareen was involved in carrying out search operations against militants and also provided security to Nato suppliers on Saryab Road.

The Express Tribune made frequent phone calls to reach DIG operations Hamid Shahkil for comment over the recent spree of targeted killings in Quetta but remained unable to reach him.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 9th, 2011.


Fortune Cookie | 12 years ago | Reply

Doing a house-to-house search in a dignified manner by the police creates an environment of HARMONY. By barging into houses and mistreating its occupants creates acrimony amongst those that are traumatised. The police and the rangers are paid employees of the STATE. Therefore they should protect the public and not harass them. Once the general public is alienated, CHAOS WILL PREVAIL. If the GOVERNMENT is to daft to understand the ramification of such conduct then they are DOOMED.

Baloch | 12 years ago | Reply

Its a daily routine in Balochistan that law enforcement agencies misuse their power on innocent Balochs, We'll get rid InshALLAH ..

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