World is entering an era of ‘turbulence and transformation’: Xi

Humanity lives in a global village where destinies of all countries are intertwined, says Chinese president

Our Correspondent November 10, 2020

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated shifts in the international order and the world is entering a period of “turbulence and transformation”.

Addressing the 20th Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Council of Heads of State on Tuesday, President Xi in his opening remarks appreciated Russia for successfully advancing the SCO goals during its presidency of multi-lateral organisation.

“The international community now faces a major test with choices to be made between multilateralism and unilateralism, openness and seclusion, cooperation and confrontation. “What is going on with the world? What shall we do about it? – These are the questions awaiting answers from the people of our time,” the Chinese president said, adding that humanity lives in a global village where the interests and destinies of all countries are intertwined.

He went on to say that the trend towards peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit is unstoppable. “History has proven and will continue to prove that good-neighbourliness will prevail over a beggar-thy-neighbour approach, mutually beneficial cooperation will replace zero-sum game, and multilateralism will win over unilateralism.” 

In the current circumstances, the SCO is required to carry forward the Shanghai Spirit and deepen solidarity and collaboration, the president said. “Together, we will contribute more to the stability and development of countries in the region and take more steps towards building a community with a shared future for mankind.”

He urged the need to step up anti-epidemic cooperation and build a community of health for us all. “Right now, Covid-19 is still presenting an ongoing threat. To fight the virus that respects no borders, we must take up the most powerful weapon of solidarity and cooperation, and rise up to the most imperative task of saving people's lives.”

The international community needs to strengthen joint response to Covid-19, support each other's containment efforts, and uphold regional and global public health security, he added.

“We need to support the World Health Organisation's crucial leadership role, oppose attempts to politicise the pandemic or mislabel the coronavirus, and jointly resist any "political virus."

President Xi proposed that hotline contacts be created between SCO members' centres for disease controls (CDCs) for timely updates on cross-border transmission of communicable diseases.

“Vaccines play a vital role in defeating the virus. China has joined the COVAX facility, and will actively consider SCO countries' need for vaccines to help protect people's safety and health in our countries,” he remarked.

Development for all

President Xi emphasised to deepen practical cooperation and build a community of development for all. “True development is development for all and good development is sustainable. We need to be guided by the vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development and open up more opportunities for practical cooperation to facilitate economic recovery and betterment of people's lives.”

He called to forge greater synergy of the Belt and Road Initiative with national development strategies as well as region-wide cooperation initiatives such as the Eurasian Economic Union.

“We need to enhance connectivity and further integrate our industrial, supply and value chains for unimpeded economic circulation in the region. We need to facilitate reopening of economic activities through the "fast track" that steps up mobility of people and the "green lane" that quickens the flow of goods."


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