Woman tells court she wasn’t gang-raped

The woman said that a political rivalry could have led to publishing of the news reports.

Shabbir Mir August 09, 2011


An alleged gang-rape victim from a village near Skardu told the Gilgit-Baltistan Supreme Appellate Court (SAC) on Monday that she wasn’t subjected to rape, court sources said.

Taking suo motu action last week after publication of news reports about the rape of a woman from the remote village of Rondu by a ‘gang of influential people’, the region’s apex court asked the IGP to submit a detailed report on Monday.

However, during proceedings held at the SAC today, the woman told the court that she had not been raped. The woman, who was accompanied by her brother and several relatives, said that a political rivalry could have led to publishing of the news reports, which had nothing to do with her.

Justice Mohammad Nawaz Abbasi was infuriated upon hearing this statement and took strong exception to the publication of a fake story by a local newspaper. “The publication of fake news (reports) in the paper is tantamount to disrespecting the woman,” the court adjudged, adding that the paper must compensate the victim for defaming her or face court action.

The court ordered those present in the room to leave for sometime so that judges could talk to the victims in privacy. Later orders were compiled and the hearing was adjourned.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 9th, 2011.


Man | 10 years ago | Reply

@Naveed Sahid...Bhai, you are in minority here, not because you wrong but exactly opposite, because you are right. Tragedy of our times is, that truth often turns out to be in minority. It is interesting to see "Truth Prevails" threatening you on this page itself, :) that too under the name "truth prevails". What travesty!!! But fact is, everyone is free to have an opinion and has right to live his life in his way, or we claim, we are barbarians, nothing but pure barbarians.

adam | 10 years ago | Reply

@All; it should be noted that virginity is nothing to do with the religion, but it is the reason that women in those countries are behaving well where they have to face this stigma as compare to those where countries where they start practicing sex for experimentation. If women behave well, then they will not bring in any sort of string of stories of her affairs with her. The before marriage affairs of men will not be there, if the women can't afford it, but it may be that the men turn guys. However, a bit early marriages could solve this problem, instead of early age affairs. Be the way, monika who have affair with the x-president of usa is not living with a different identity, rather she cease to exist.

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