Pakistani celebs slam French President Emmanuel Macron for Islamophobic comments

From Yasir Hussain to Feroze Khan, public figures have demanded an apology from Macron

Entertainment Desk October 28, 2020

Pakistan, on Monday, condemned the republication of blasphemous caricatures in France and the subsequent remarks of French President Emmanuel Macron, with lodging strong protest with the French ambassador, followed by the passage of resolutions in both houses of the parliament.

The resolutions in the Senate and the National Assembly were passed unanimously, as the lawmakers from both sides of the divide calling for recalling Pakistan’s ambassador in Paris in protest, saying that the French president had hurt the sentiments of billions of Muslims around the globe.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had also in a Twitter post, outrightly condemned Macron's comments. "Hallmark of a leader is he unites human beings, as Mandela did, rather than dividing them. This is a time when Pres Macron could have put healing touch and denied space to extremists rather than creating further polarisation and marginalisation that inevitably leads to radicalisation," the PM had said.

Several Pakistani celebrities have subsequently gone on to call out Macron, urging him to apologise to Muslims worldwide. Actor Ahsan Khan stressed that the behaviour of the French government wasn't in line with the principals, a republic is based upon. "If France is indeed a republic then there should be liberty there not insults upon another religion. I completely and wholeheartedly protest against this blatant disrespect of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) this needs to stop," Ahsan said.

Meanwhile, actor Feroze Khan was much straightforward in his condemnation of Macron's comments." Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) before anyone.#MacronApologizetoMuslims #Boycottfrenchproducts," Feroze said.

Actor Yasir Hussain who has developed a reputation for being vocal on all such matters expressed his sentiments in an Instagram story. " Agar France apnay sadar kee tauheen bardasht nahi kar raha toh hum apnay Nabi kee tauheen kaisay bardasht karein ( If France isn't able to endure the insult of it's President then how are we supposed to endure the insult of our Prophet (PBUH)," he said.

On a similar note, former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar took a jab at the French government condemnation of the call to boycott French products by people in Muslim nations. "Macron: France will not give up our cartoons. Also Macron: Muslim nations please give up your call to boycott French goods. If you have the freedom to hate, we have the freedom to reject your hate," Akhtar said.

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi took to social media and shared his two cents on the ongoing controversy. Taking to Twitter, the actor penned, "It is your right to disagree and criticise but it is not your right to mock with the intent to deliberately insult and provoke. It's immoral, unethical and uncivilised."

Abbasi went on to comments, "The only way we Muslims can make the world understand that is solely by peace and dialogue - not murder, war and hostility."

"What if Muslims organise a contest of throwing cow meat on a Ram statue?" questioned the Waar actor. "Or who can slaughter the most pigs in a synagogue or who can spit on a cross with the most accuracy. It's evil. The same applies in the case of making insulting cartoons of a man held sacred by more than 1.5 billion people."

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