Nauman Ijaz's comments on infidelity cause furore

The actor is being slammed for normalising cheating on his wife and his views on #MeToo

Entertainment Desk September 09, 2020

Actor Nauman Ijaz unknowingly threw Pakistani social media into a frenzy after an old interview of his resurfaced and started doing rounds on Monday.

Ijaz, who is not one to land himself in hot waters often, can be seen talking to host Iffat Omar about ‘the secret of a successful marriage’, having been married for about 25 years now. Omar mentioned how artists are hopeless romantics to which he agreed, and when asked if he ever lost his heart elsewhere, he replied, “Beinteha (countless times).”

He then shared how he often finds himself falling in love. “Every moment of every day! I am a very loving man,” said the Dar Si Jati Hai Sila actor.

“If a woman is beautiful from the inside and outside and is also hard to get/difficult, I fall even more in love!” he continued and when he was asked whether he pursues this love, he did not hesitate before saying, “Yes.”

Does his wife of 25 years not mind? Here’s where the interesting part came in when Ijaz mentioned how it has never been a problem because his wife never finds out. “I am such a great actor and an intelligent man that my wife, Thank God, never finds out,” he said.

The clip was shared extensively on Twitter and eventually made its way to Facebook as well, where countless people have taken to bashing Ijaz for his casual talk about cheating, almost normalising it for himself. People also slammed Omar for her ‘improper’ questions and for laughing along with his answers.

“I used to admire Nauman Ijaz so much but this just made his image go crashing down. When you’re a celebrity, people look up to you; idolise you. Even if you do something like this, at least don’t go around blowing your own trumpet about it!” wrote one user on Twitter, sharing the video.

What’s got people more incensed is yet another clip from the same interview, where Ijaz seems to belittle the #MeToo movements, calling it deen se doori (distance from religion?)

“Since Nauman Ijaz believes ‘me too he too she too deen se doori ki wajah se horaha hai, somebody please tell him what our deen says about extramarital affairs,” wrote another user.

When reached out, the Jackson Heights actor was not available to comment on the matter.

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