5 common everyday makeup mistakes to avoid

From uneven liner to ashy foundation, here are some that can be easily dodged

Entertainment Desk September 07, 2020

Everyday makeup is one avenue where you walk a thin line between too much, too little, just enough, not enough, and the outright disastrous. Applying it is an art form and just like anything else, can be easily mastered, albeit after many a stumble and fall.

From uneven liner to patchy, ashy foundation, there are quite a few mistakes you can make if you’re just getting into it. As compiled from Pinkvilla, here are five of the most common errors amateurs make when doing makeupRead up so you can avoid them too!

1.     Be vary of the brows

Many of us have been pulled into the craze of overdrawing our eyebrows, blinded by showy Instagram models who do full-blown camera makeup for everyday selfies. Truth is, such eyebrows look weird in real life. The trick is to keep them as natural as you can while just filling in their natural shape. You may use simple brow mascara for this unless your brows are extra thin and need major help!

2.    Go easy with your liner

The heavier you try to be with your liner, the messier it will turn out, and also smudge through the day. What you can do instead is buy a liner with a smudge stick at the end, so when you apply it on your bottom lash bed, you can easily smoke it out right then, giving it a more subtle and put-together look.

3.    Too much blending is a no-no

We’ve all been taught that we need to blend our makeup like there’s no tomorrow. But too much blending can turn into a real faux-pas if you’re using the wrong tools. Make sure you use a clean brush to blend different products on your face, specifically different shades of eye-shadow.

4.    Match your shade

We cannot stress this enough! Many a time, we tend to lean towards the lighter shade of foundation but as it so happens, one wrong coat can plunge your look down 10 notches. It can make you look ghastly or ashy, or if you’re using a darker shade, look like you got a bad tan. Always be mindful of this!

 5.   Unclean makeup kits

This may not be a ‘makeup application’ faux pas but is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Make sure your makeup routine is hygienic by keeping your makeup products and tools clean. Dirty makeup brushes and sponges or old makeup can give you rashes and even cause infections, so make it a habit to chuck out old stuff and regularly clean your tools.

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