Mehwish Hayat salutes Kashmir's resilience

Hayat shared a video of a Shia mourner hit by pellets during an Ashura procession in Srinagar

Entertainment Desk September 01, 2020

Mehwish Hayat, recipient of the Tamghae Imtiaz in 2019, has always had a big voice on social media and she's often used it to bring attention to the plight of the people of Kashmir under Indian siege. The actor again brought attention to one such incident on her Twitter on Monday. 

Hayat took to Twitter to share a video of a Shia mourner who had been hit with pellets by Indian forces while taking part in the Ashura procession in the Zadibal area in Srinagar, on Sunday. 

"I salute the resilience of Kashmir people against oppression," she wrote, adding, "Their voice will always be louder than any war crimes inflicted upon them even if the international community has forsaken them!"

Hayat then went on to share a couplet from Faiz Ahmed Faiz's Bol. "Bol k lab āzād hain tere. Bol zabān abtak terī hai. Terā sutvāñ jism hai tera. Bol k jaañ abtak teri hai (Speak, your lips are free. Speak, your tongue is still yours. Your slim body is yours alone, speak, this life is yours, still yours)" she wrote. 

Hayat has raised the issue of Kashmir many a time, including earlier in July, back when a shocking image of a toddler sitting on the bullet-riddled, bloodied body of his grandfather stirred up outrage in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. "How can the world stand by quietly and allow Indian forces to act with such impunity and get away with this aggression against innocent people of Kashmir? How much longer are we going to turn a blind eye? This has to stop. Kashmiri lives also matter!" she had tweeted. 

Here's hoping that things get better and we see better days soon. 

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