Murree Road Blast: Two more suspects detained, one released

Mulazim was detained and interrogated for allegedly having mobile set used to make threatening call to Rehman Malik.

Asad Kharal August 07, 2011


Two more suspects were detained by law-enforcement agencies from Layyah in connection with a roadside blast on Murree Road in Islamabad but one of them was released due to lack of evidence against him, The Express Tribune has learnt.

The blast had occurred near Malpur village along the Murree Road in Islamabad on June 12. Mulazim Hussain was detained on July 23, the day his brother, Khadim Hussain, was released from police custody due to lack of evidence.

Mulazim was detained and interrogated for seven days for allegedly being in possession of a mobile set used to make a threatening call to Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik, and a call to Moharar Police Station, Aabpara Islamabad claiming involvement in a roadside blast near Malpur village. His brother Khadim had been detained for the same reason.

The SIM cards used for making these calls, however, were registered in the name of a South Waziristan resident. Investigation Officer Majeed Shah told The Express Tribune that while Khadim and Mulazim have been freed, Ijaz is being interrogated.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 7th, 2011.