Bomber killed in botched suicide attack in Mohmand

People associated with tribal lashkar attacked outside Peshawar.

Manzoor Ali August 07, 2011


A bomber was killed in a botched suicide attack on tribesmen in Mohmand Agency on Saturday.

Sources said the incident took place in the Danishkol village of the Pindiyali tehsil in Mohmand, when two attackers on a motorcycle were stopped by locals for identification.

“One of the attackers used a cracker blast to gather a crowd around them to cause maximum damage,” a source told The Express Tribune.

However, one of the villagers managed to see a portion of a suicide vest underneath the clothes of one of the attackers and alerted the rest of the people who had gathered, who then fled the scene. Fearing capture, the bomber detonated the vest, killing himself.

His accomplice managed to escape in the panic that ensued. Security forces and tribal volunteers searched the area for him but there were no reports of the attacker’s capture at the time of the filing of the report.

Sources say the attackers did not appear to be from the area, which is why the villagers had stopped them for identification. Saturday’s attack was the first after a brief lull in violence in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the tribal areas.

Security forces have recently announced the end of an anti-Taliban campaign – Operation Brekhna (Pashto for lightening) – in Mohmand.

Two power pylons destroyed

In a separate incident, militants blew up two electricity pylons in Adezai, a village on the outskirts of Peshawar at 2 am on Saturday. The incident took place close to the home of a slain leader of an anti-Taliban militia, Abdul Malik.

The pylons were destroyed in two blasts, plunging the area into darkness. Repair work on the 11,000KV pylons had already begun on Saturday.

The attack seems to be part of a series of assaults on people associated with anti-Taliban militias, in this case the Adezai lashkar. On Friday, a militiaman was dragged away from taraweeh prayers by Taliban militants and shot dead.

Adezai lashkar chief Dilawar Khan told The Express Tribune that both incidents took place in the same area, the security of which is the responsibility of Abdul Malik’s sons. He said that the militants could not enter the Adezai village due to strict security but Abdul Malik’s place was located outside the village.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 7th, 2011.