How to celebrate Independence Day in the Covid-19 era

6 creative ways to unleash your patriotism whilst maintaining social distance

Entertainment Desk August 14, 2020
A citizen adorning the streets with buntings. PHOTO: FILE

August 14 should not be treated as any other holiday but enjoyed with our families in full fervour. We should remind ourselves of all the events that led to our Independence and of all the sacrifices our forefathers made to form Pakistan. Yes, there has been much loss. With the massive terror attacks striking this country every now and then things become gloomy but we Pakistanis who never give up. This is our homeland; this is our country and we should celebrate it as enthusiastically as possible. Here are a few ways you can observe August 14 with your family, despite Covid-19.·        

Read the Pakistan Resolution/ Constitution to your kids

Children should know about the ideology of our country. Purchasing flags and badges is just not enough. Inculcate the true essence of independence and liberty in the minds of the youth but don’t just read the history books. Get a copy of the Pakistan Resolution and/or our Constitution to keep them updated.·        

Screen patriotic films, dramas

Screen movies related to independence on a projector; invite friends, families and neighbours to join in on the fun. Films like Jinnah or dramas like Jinnah Se Quaid and Alpha Bravo Charlie are informative and allow families a chance to bond and learn at the same time.·        

Take a ride around the city playing 'mili naghmas'

Despite our struggles with electricity, we sure know how to light up our country for Independence Day celebrations. Our courts, assemblies and even apartment complexes are beautifully adorned with green and white bulbs, bringing Christmas to Pakistan a few months early. A ride around your city in a cramped car with friends and family on August 14 is a must – especially during the monsoon.·        

Decorate your house in green and white

Hoist the national flag on your roof. Motivate the young ones to craft green banners, balloons, stars, badges, door hangers and candles, etc. This will give your house a feeling of patriotism and help the younger ones value the spirit of this day.·        

Dress up in all green

Flags, T-shirts, hats, bangles, badges, and wristbands - everything that is green is in the market. Dress up in green and make everyone in your family do the same, starting from your grandparents to the youngest ones in the family.·       

Play Pakistan-related quizzes to spread knowledge

Quiz your family and friends about the history of Pakistan. This can be a quick refresher for the elders and a source of insight for the younger ones!

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