How to become emotionally self - sufficient

Being emotionally self-sufficient in a vital sign of mental health

Magazine Desk July 25, 2020

Being emotionally self-sufficient is a vital sign of having good mental health. It’s also a great way to not rely on others for your happiness. The better you can handle and deal with your emotions the more it is possible for you to see the silver lining in some of the worst situations.

Emotional maturity is not only attractive but key to having a good, quality life. When we are able to identify, analyse and process our emotions and feelings in a good and healthy manner we trust our self and don’t rely on others for validation or approval.

You can’t change what life throws at you but you can learn to identify and see what is worth investing your time, efforts and emotions in. You can change your behaviour and approach towards some of the toughest moments of your life. It not only helps in coping with the situation better but you’re also able to detach and think and act rationally and responsibly.

Here are a few ways you can learn to become emotionally self-sufficient:

Sit with your emotions

The most important way to learn how to become emotionally self-sufficient is by facing what you’re feeling rather than running away or trying to supress or distract yourself. It’s easy to tell someone to get over it or to try to stay positive but the only way to actually get over it and to stay positive is by facing your emotions. You need to practice how to identify your emotions, labelling them makes it easier to cope what you’re truly feeling on the inside. Sit, analyse, dig deep and process whatever you’re going through.

Sitting with your emotions helps you understand yourself better, you’re not influenced by other people’s opinion or thoughts. You get to know yourself more and are able to resolve and process your emotions at your own pace.


When you feel overwhelmed by a rollercoaster of emotions, journaling truly helps! It helps us in organising our thoughts and emotions. Journaling works as a platform where we can truly write our heart out without the fear of being judged or taken the wrong way. It gives us the power and authority to jot down what is bothering us and how it affects us. Once you’re done writing down whatever you’re thinking and feeling you can go through it and ask yourself if what you’ve written is coming out as a result of your fears and insecurities or if they’re actually true.


Meditation helps us bring clarity and peace during the emotional chaos. You just sit and breathe and try to concentrate on the now. You let energy, feelings or emotions no matter how draining or negative they are to just flow. Try meditating and allow yourself to let it all flow and just process the emotions and energy you feel inside and around you. This is a great way to learn how to let go of control and accept things the way they are.

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