Twitter user shows why we need TikTok in Pakistan

He shared videos of all TikTokers who have proven that if used correctly, the app can make you big

Entertainment Desk July 06, 2020

Taking to the microblogging webiste, a Pakistani Twitter user shared a number of reasons why TikTok isn't as bad as everyone deems it to be. He started off by highlighting several deserving individuals who gained fame and following through the app owing to their undeniable talent that had not been revealed before. 

By doing so, the user shed light on how, over the time, TikTok has become a space for make-up artists, rappers, mimicks, After Effect and VFX artists, singers, dopplegangers, comedians and most importantly the common man. Within the thread he wrote, "For me, TikTok has great potential as a medium of getting your message across to a larger, grassroot audience. We are living in the information age. Information is power and it precedes change. It depends on those with influence to use this power to spread positive messages."

The thread comes after the long preceding debates on whether the app should be banned in Pakistan after it was baned in India due to the country's declining relationship with China. 

The user started off by saying, 'For quite sometime I subscribed to the belief that content produced on TikTok is very substandard/cringe. However, few months into using the app and I've been amazed by how it's carving a space for and giving a platform to people from different sections of society to express themselves. A thread:"

The thread featured a 3D make-up artist whose adaptation of Money Heist's look garnered her a viewing of 1.6 million and100K likes. It then featured a rapper who started off as a nobody but was now pulling an average viewing of 500K and could be seen jamming with Amanat Ali in the shared video. 

The user also shared a mimicry artist's video who was also farmer from a rural district. His videos had now crossed 1 million views on the app according to the user. And for a VFX artist who had fortunately landed on the app, the user wrote, "It is a platform for after effect & vfx artists. This guy from rural punjab is a big fan of The Avengers. His video edits pull an average viewing of 250K and has over 2 million likes. Another example of how tiktok is enabling talented individuals to come forward despite their backgrounds."

He then shared another video of a brilliant singer who sells 'baraf golas' for a living and another who was gaining a following for being an Imran Hashmi doppleganger. 

He then added videos of hilarious TikTokers with a unique sense of humour, along with those who used the app to make politically relavant but humorous content. The user wrote, "Beyond all else, I believe the greatest impact it's had is that it has opened a space for the common man for political critique. it has truly democratised opinion sharing. This deserves a whole other thread (and I'm hoping to write something on this very soon) but here are some examples)."

In the end he just shared his favourite TikTok, in case his point wasn't already clear enough. 

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