#MeToo: Ayesha Omer slams survivors undermining each other

The 'Bulbulay' actor called out people comparing sexual harassment instances

Entertainment Desk July 04, 2020

Ayesha Omar is easily one of the most recognisable faces on Pakistani television, thanks to her recurring character of Khubsurat in Bulbulay. In her latest tweet, the actor fearlessly spoke up against the comparisons made by the victims of sexual harassment themselves with respect to the experience of others. 

She called out the notion of comparing sexual harassment instances and undermining someone’s trauma simply because someone else had a different experience. “We cannot undermine someone else’s experience or feelings just because ours was different,” said Omer.

She also targeted the criticism several survivors receive for opening up about their experience years after the incident. “We cannot put a time limit on anyone’s emotional reactions,” Omer continued. “Empathy and validating others go a long way. The tables could turn one day. #Metoo #speakup #breakthesilence,” she concluded.


In the wake of #MeToo rising in Pakistan in 2018, Omer, on a local TV channel had revealed, "I, myself, have been a victim of sexual harassment from someone within the industry.” She then added that she doesn’t have the strength to talk about it like Meesha Shafi did, but hopefully she will share her story someday.

Then in another interview with Ahsan Khan in January 2020, the television personality spoke on a similar tangent. She said, “I have been through harassment in my career and life, so I understand how it feels. I don't have the courage to talk about it yet, maybe someday I will. But I can totally relate with everyone who has been through it."

She concluded by subtly replenishing the credibility of #MeToo by elaborating on how there is no designated time for anyone to come out with their experiences, given that she hasn't yet either.

"There is no particular time for one to open up about it, it can take one 20 years, another only one, while for some it takes two minutes. People can come out whenever," said the celebrity, making sure that the time taken to open up isn't made the benchmark for credibility.

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