How to look after wooden furniture during monsoon

Here are some tips on how you can safeguard your furniture from excess moisture as rainy season commences

Entertainment Desk June 28, 2020

Monsoon season is loved by everyone but there are certain cons to it. Sometimes, the wooden furniture in our homes and other decorative items could face the brunt of summer rains. They can get damaged in the water so one has to be very careful about with them during the months.

With July right round the corner and places like Islamabad already experiencing rainfall, we thought it best to share with you some tips on how you can safeguard your wooden furniture from excess moisture. As compiled from Pinkvilla, here’s what you can do to look after your home good in the coming monsoon days.

Tip no.1) Naphthalene balls are a great way to protect your wardrobe from any kind of pests. They are also a great at sucking up moisture. So, you can put them in your wardrobes or cabinets. If you don’t like naphthalene balls, opt for some neem leaves or cloves as a natural alternative.

Tip no.2) Don’t do any renovations or polishing of your wooden furniture because moisture levels are high in this time of the year and any changes will be a waste. Just stick to the regular maintenance and cleaning for the time being.

Tip no.3) Wooden furniture tends to swell during monsoon season due to excess moisture. That’s why your doors or drawers tend to get stuck when it’s raining. Regular oiling is the only way to make them smooth.

Tip no.4) Keep your furniture a few inches away from the wall because walls can get damp during rainfall and so, transfer the moisture to the surface of the furniture.

Tip no.5) Never use a damp cloth to clean wooden furniture because the latter will absorb the moisture from the cloth. Always use a dry cloth for the cleaning and wiping it regularly. Remember: dust tends to absorb moisture as well so it may not always be a bad thing.

Tip no.6) Keep your wooden furniture away from doors and windows because they can catch raindrops from there, which will increase the moisture.

Tip no.7) For keeping the entire home clean and safe, make sure your rooms are well ventilated. Allow fresh air to enter the room to reduce humidity. You can also bring a dehumidifier to prevent the moisture in your rooms.

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