Amid Covid-19, Pakistan's education crisis explained in 300 words

Tuition fees, online classes and school reopening issues leave students in limbo

Social Desk June 28, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the country's education system as students are forced to take online classes and are unable to socialise with schools closed.

When will schools reopen?

The majority of provincial governments ordered the closure of schools from March 13 and the order is in place till July 15. Despite the provinces mulling over opening them up again no headway has been made so far.

Stand operating procedures

The federal government issued its Pakistan National Education Response and Resilience Plan to ensure smooth reopening of schools.

  • installing sanitisers, disinfect school, students maintaining a one-metre distance.

  • Equipping schools with infrared thermometers and employing school nurses

  • Consider a phased return of students to school

Online classes

Private schools are conducting online classes with public schools also planning on following suit if the pandemic continues to delay reopening.

Students face technical difficulties from not having access to internet in some cases.

While teachers of grades 1 and below, as well as students with special needs are finding it hard to explain to their students via video chat.

Tuition fees issue

Owners of schools argue that the government has not helped them in any way during the pandemic.

The government ordered private schools to slash tuition fees charged to students by 20 per cent. However, this was not followed by educational institutes.

Private schools say that the rent of premises and teachers pay force them to continue to charge tuition fees as it is their main source of  income to make ends meet.

The parents of students are finding it difficult to pay these fees amid the current economic crisis brought on by the pandemic.


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