Kangana Ranaut slams director for implying Sushan Singh Rajput had schizophrenia

Director Mukesh Bhatt had previously talked about how the late actor was going the 'Parveen Babi way'

Entertainment Desk June 26, 2020

Ever since the tragic passing of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, actor Kangana Ranaut has been on a hot streak when it comes to picking fights with Bollywood big wigs. The latest person to come under Kangna's bad books is nonother than Mukesh Bhatt.

Mukesh had earlier on compared Sushant to the late Parveen Babi who was rumoured to have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The director had claimed that he saw it coming and Sushant was going the ‘Parveen Babi way’.

These comments did not sit well with Kangana who in a recent interview with Pinkvilla has lambasted the director.  “Mukesh Bhatt is now claiming that Sushant was heading the ‘Parveen Babi Way’. But what they did to Parveen Babi, everybody remembers,” she said.

Interestingly enough, over a decade back, Kangana had played the lead role in a film called Woh Lamhe which was thought to be based on Parveen Babi's life, her battle with schizophrenia and her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt.

Speaking of whom, Kangana recalled that Mahesh had once talked about how he saw a tragic end fo rher.

“After Mahesh Bhatt met with Hrithik Roshan post our relationship went downhill, he went on record and declared that whatever proof Hrithik has shown him, he has seen a tragedy in the making," she said.

Adding on Kangana said, "Referring to me, he also declared that a tragic end is very near. I wonder what made him say it. It's been four years and no tragedy took place. Why was he sure that there is a tragedy on the anvil? Why was he so sure that my end is near?"

Coming back to Mukesh, Kangana talked about how he along with his brother would feel if it were their children in Sushant's place.

"Now his {Mahesh} brother is jumping into this whole thing and claiming that Sushant was turning Parveen Babi. Who is he to say that? Sushant was a rank holder; he also left a scholarship from Stanford University to pursue his dreams. Something that their (Bhatt) children cannot even think of," she said.

"Tomorrow, if their children hang themselves on the roof and somebody jumps up and comments that it just happened because they were becoming like Parveen Babi, I want to see how they feel about it."

While Kangana herself hadn't directly interacted with Sushant, she claims to have been aware of what was going through the late actor's life through close mutual friends.

“Sushant and I had never interacted – at least I don’t remember it particularly – but we had many close friends like Sandip Ssingh and Kamal Jain. There were many people who were so close to Sushant. I pretty much knew what was going on in his life because they were very fond of him and very close to him," she said

Kangana recounts the conversation as narrated to her, “Kamal ji told me that he had spoken with Sushant last Monday and he was very disturbed. He mentioned that he had never spoken like that before. He had told Kamal Ji, 'Make a big film with me yaar'. I've given Chhichore, I've given a hit film but I still don't have any big films. I don't' have the work I want.’"

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