Vasay Chaudhry is dropping truth bombs about PTV and 'Ertuğrul'

The actor-writer added much-needed nuance to the debate between Fawad Chauhdry and Faisal Javed Khan

Entertainment Desk June 01, 2020

The popularity of Turkish content in Pakistan has once again triggered a debate over its impact on the local entertainment industry, leaving some encouraged by the competition and others irked.

The latest person to jump into the debate is writer-actor Vasay Chaudhry. He referred to an earlier argument between Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry and Chairman Standing Committee on Info Broadcasting and Heritage Faisal Javed Khan.

"Just for the record Faisal Sb, we have been protesting against Indian dramas being aired in Pakistan since the last 10 years or more," the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actor wrote. "Back then Twitter or social media and all wasn't that influential but that doesn't mean that the protest or reactions never happened."

He went on to add, "Ertuğrul is a very entertaining series,.I myself have seen more than 200 eps. The issue is not with the play, the issue is with PTV and the laws related to the entertainment business. You know it, so let's try to resolve that rather than making it about just Ertuğrul."

Khan replied in agreement saying, "Yes, dear brother! First, we need to bring the audience back on PTV as people had forgotten this channel due to poor content and quality."

"Substance, content, quality get you audience. Like all other institutions, Our predecessors ruined PTV as well. PTV must revive itself now. I also agree with you regarding laws and reforms," Khan concluded.

The backstory

Earlier on Twitter, Fawad, who previously held the portfolio of Information Ministry questioned PTV's decision to acquire Dirilis: Ertuğrul. 

“Surprised on PTV Home Official taking pride in other countries productions,” he said in a tweet. “You guys must focus on Pakistani productions otherwise foreign dramas will ruin them [local productions].

“It’s always cheap to import foreign dramas but this will have devastating long term effects on our programming,” he added.

After Fawad's tweets,  Khan shared his two cents on the matter and justified the decision to air Turkish content.

"Such great productions like Ertuğrul will help our industry," Khan wrote. "We should show some amazing work that has already been produced - presenting Islamic history, culture, faith. Also, this should be bilateral - exporting our content abroad. It's a win-win trade."

He also added, "Also, we need to work on our substance/content." Talking about our drama industry, Khan wrote, "Our drama industry is one of the best in the world in terms of talent, productions, direction etc. With great substance, we can penetrate major markets across the globe."

The senator also talked about how no one batted an eye when Indian content was being aired in the country.

"Wish we had reacted when rubbish Indian content (low standard dramas, films, songs) was aired across our tv channels, cinema and radio," he said. "Our own people promoted Games of Thrones here. Why should we object Ertuğrul type content? Even PTV used to air good English films."

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Izhar | 1 year ago | Reply

Mr Chaudhary Pakistani dramas content,story and role play was so great in the past couple years but now really and shamefully it became nothing. A man is in lov with his daughter in law. On other hands a man has affairs with the sister of his wife and much more like this. I don't think in Muslim tradition it is even allowed, not even in Muslim tradition it is even so informal in all aspects

usman | 1 year ago | Reply Vasay Chaudhry represents a group of actors and writers that we dont care about. From Reema Khan, to Shaan Shahid, to Yassir Hussain - all third rate actors who are feeling the heat from a high quality production from Turkey that resonates more with the masses than cheap 3rd rate Bollywood and Hollywood knock offs that represents the current core of Pakistani films. I am finding this extremely satisfying to watch as the media elite in Pakistan - who said nothing when Indian programming was flowing across the border, are now suddenly worried about content and foreign influences. Ertugrul is more in line with Pakistani values and traditions than any garbage currently shown from Lollywood.
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