Tribune Fact Check: Two guns, a Pakistani bagpack and a lie

The Express Tribune found the claim to be false as a fake image from 2014 has gone viral

Kazim Hamdani May 14, 2020
The Express Tribune found the image to be fake, originally appeared in 2014.PHOTO: TUMBLR

KARACHI: An image has been circulating from posts on Twitter in Afghanistan claiming that Pakistan had a hand to play in the Kabul hospital attack which has left 24 dead so far.

The Express Tribune analysed the image used in the posts and found that it was doctored rendering the claim to be false.It was first shared by Afghan government official Najeeb Nangyal showing a bag with a Pakistani badge on it next to a rifle and a 9mm hand gun.

The former director of media and public affairs for the country's Interior Ministry, who is known for his hawkish views on foreign policy with Pakistan, said the items were "found inside the 100 bed hospital which was used to slaughter infants, unborn babies and their innocent mothers".


He went on to accuse Islamabad of backing of terrorist elements in his tirade and tagged the US state department and US ambassador in Afghanistan's official handles.Afghan Colonel Rahman Rahmani also shared the image on Twitter with the caption,"Developments: this rifle and bag [reserved armaments] were found at the hospital where terrorists, Taliban and their affiliates slaughtered innocent babies and mothers! Pakistan is the worst neighbor a country could have!"

The photo first appeared in 2014 on a Tumblr account a screenshot of which you can see below:

Screengrab 1


The same image was also found in an online google pinterest search for Pakistan armed forces which you can see below: Screengrab 2


Writer Nadeem Farooq Paracha also pointed out how the photo was doctored to "exploit a tragedy".

"This is NOT the photo of what was found because this pic first appeared as a Display picture of a Facebook account in June 2019," he added.

Even foreign policy expert Michael Kugelman warned against the fake news,"This photo comes from a Tumblr page posted six years ago. Not to mention, why would terrorists fleeing carnage leave out their weaponry neatly positioned like this, as if it were being advertised in an LL Bean catalogue? We all need to be extra vigilant about these things".

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Kabul has looked to blame Islamabad for the seemingly unending wave of violence in the war-torn country.Pakistan has come out denying having any hand in terrorist activities in Afghanistan despite attempts by Kabul to shy away from its own shortcomings.

Security forces rescuing a newborn baby from hospital under attack in Kabul.PHOTO: TOLO NEWS Security forces rescuing a newborn baby from hospital under attack in Kabul.PHOTO: TOLO NEWS

Gunmen stormed a maternity hospital in the Afghan capital on Tuesday setting off an hours-long shoot-out with the police and killing 24 people, including two newborn babies, their mothers and an unspecified number of nurses.Afghanistan is also facing violence around the country from the Taliban, even as the United States tries to usher in peace talks after signing a troop withdrawal agreement in February with the armed group.


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