There's no pressure: Taapsee Pannu on getting married

Bollywood actor shares her family is supportive of getting married whenever she desires

Entertainment Desk May 14, 2020

Indian actor Taapsee Pannu is possibly one of the strongest voices and faces behind the paradigm shift in Bollywood today. While the actor has been critically acclaimed for her non-quintessential roles in numerous films such as Saand Ki Aankhk, Pink, Badlaa and others, one question that just keeps popping is that of marriage.

Recently, in a video interview with Pinkvilla, with her mom Nirmaljeet Pannu, Taapsee candidly talked about her current relationship and revealed if marriage is on the cards.


The Badlaa actor's mum was inquired if Taapsee is ready to tie the knot, the former smiled and shared, "There's no pressure on her to get married. I do talk about it sometimes, but even I don't believe in the institution of marriage much. So it's up to her when she wants to do it."

Taapsee further adds, "I have told you, there's been no pressure at all. My parents have just told me that they would like to see me married eventually. But it's never been abhi karna hai nahin toh yeh ho jayega ya woh ho jayega (It has never been an ultimatum, they've left it up to me)."


This isn't the first time the Bollywood star has shared her stance on the marriage. In an earlier interview, Taapsee sat down with her sister Shagun and opened up about the same. Back then, the Thappad star had revealed, "I don't want a big fat Indian wedding. Whenever I get married, it will be a close-knit family affair. I don't want it to be a three-four day affair. It will all be in a day."

The actor has openly talked about her relationship as well. Taapsee has shared that she is in a steady relationship with ace badminton player Mathias Boe and she's never hidden it from anyone.

“I’m not married and people who are genuinely interested in my life not just to make gossip columns about it, know about it. Whoever is the person in my life is not into the profession where people are more curious about him. He is not an actor or a cricketer. He’s not even from here around.”


Asked about the discussion of marriage at home, the sisters admitted that there are discussions but said they keep “shifting the conversation.”

Taapsee also revealed when she plans on getting married: “I will get married only when I want to have babies. I want to have kids out of wedlock. I don’t want an elaborate wedding either. It will be one long day with close friends and family. This multiple-day thing is too tiring. It will be like a compact one-day thing,” she said.

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