21-year-old shot to fame for licking a toilet seat on a plane which garnered millions of views. PHOTO: TWITTER/(@Avalouise)

TikTok star who licked toilet seat for coronavirus challenge says she is positive

21-year-old shot to fame for licking a toilet seat on a plane which garnered millions of views

Social Desk May 12, 2020
Ava Louise, the social media influencer who licked a toilet seat in an airplane to start a “Coronavirus Challenge,” says she has Covid-19.


Louise shared the infamous video of her licking the toilet seat of an airplane in March, and it has garnered millions of views on social media.

Here is the video:


During an interview with the Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show on April 24, Louise said she believed she had Covid-19.


“I think I have corona,” Louise said. “I think I do. People are going to say it’s karma for licking a toilet seat but honestly, it’s fine like, I’ll just get really skinny from it.”

She said that she’s been feeling a little off and that she “definitely has corona.” Louise isn’t too worried, however, as she hopes to lose 15 pounds.


The social media influencer said, “It’s just going to be like getting lipo without actually having to get lipo.”

The same day, Louise tweeted: “[I’ve] had a fever for 7 days, coughing, etc. Lost a lot of weight so like this isn’t karma cuz I’m going to look like Mariah Carey skinny after all this. I haven’t been posting cuz I’ve been [too] sick to”.

Louise, who lives in New Jersey, said during The Kyle and Jackie O Show that she believes she caught Covid-19 from her boyfriend.\


Since she started feeling the symptoms, the social media influencer has been isolating in her apartment. Louise did not confirm if she has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Louise Says She Didn’t Want the ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ to Actually Be a Challenge

Louise filmed the video of her licking the toilet seat on her “83-year-old boyfriend's” private plane, according to KIIS 1065. She said she wasn’t trying to make it a challenge, she was trying to make the media upset and make herself well known.


When asked if she was worried that children would copy her “Coronavirus Challenge,” she said, “No one copied it, literally the other kid that copied it is literally my best friend and he wanted to get verified too.”

“It’s not actually a challenge,” she said. “No one’s copying it.”

Louise Licked the Toilet Seat to Get Verified on Instagram

The reason Louise made the video was to become more well known, she said.

In the interview, she said, “I honestly wanted to get verified on Instagram and I wanted to promote my song. I just thought like, I need more news articles to get verified, and I’m like also my song is going viral on TikTok, and I just wanted people to Google me and listen to it just out of curiosity.”

Her song “Skinny Legend Anthem” currently has been streamed on Spotify over 1.5 million times.

Louise continued, “So I’m like, I’ll just make money off of it, like whatever. If I have to sacrifice my dignity a little bit, I don’t care. I do that all the time in private, we all do.”

The social media influencer said that after her video went viral, she got an extra 100,000 followers on social media.

The article originally appeared in Mail Online