'Dirilis: Ertugrul': Jibran Nasir feels Pakistanis are trying too hard to be Turks

And of course, fellow countrymen/women are not appreciating this reality check

Entertainment Desk May 11, 2020

It's been a while since many Pakistani celebrities have presented their hot takes on broadcasting Dirilis: Ertugrul on national television. While the likes of Bilal Ashraf supported the move, actors such as Shaan Shahid criticised the government for not promoting local content.

Now, politician Jibran Nasir has also shared his two cents on the matter.

Taking to Twitter, Nasir wrote, "We've many beautiful cultures in Pak but many still face an identity crisis which is also seen in our diaspora."

He went on to add, "Being ourselves often causes "Goras" to confuse us as Indians due to our similarities, so we mimicked Arabs tracing our roots to Bin Qasim. Now we're trying being Turks."

Nasir's reservations didn't really go well with many. Twitterati responded to his thoughts with even more criticism and sarcasm.

A user shared, " You are right. Such seasons should not be aired. I fear soon millennials will be running horses on Shahrah-e-Faisal and Blue Area. Series like Money Heist should also be banned. Our banks are in danger."

Another one added, "Guys we became white walkers watching Game of Thrones. Every show we watch is a portal and our identity changes soon as we step into it. Remember when Jibran was dancing at a mehndi? That was him after seeing Bollywood. He shed Jibran Nasir and became Akshay Khanna."

"You will become a Turk if you watch Ertugrul but watching GOT and Money Heist will make you a true Pakistani," another user shared his thoughts.

"People can choose to be whatever they want. I thought you were all for freedom. The only insecure ones are the ones currently hyperventilating over a TV series being shown on PTV," said one Twitter user, adding, "We didn't become Lannisters by watching Game of Thrones. We won't become Turks by watching Ertugrul."

One user went on to assert, "Has everyone gone insane? We have been watching British and American shows for decades. We were going crazy over GoT last year. Was that some Westerosi propaganda we had fallen for? Do you people pause brain function when it comes to anything related to Khan?"

One said, "Why can't we just be nice, kind, humane, adjusting, accepting, tolerant, honest? Why can't we just be?"

And then there were few sarcastic responses.


Few brought up an old video of Nasir grooving to an Indian song, Dilbar Dilbar, at comedian Faiza Saleem's mehendi with his now-fiancee, Mansha Pasha.



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