Art needs to be appreciated regardless of where it's made: Bilal Ashraf

The actor was all praise for 'Diriliş: Ertuğrul,' unlike Shaan who felt the govt should focus on local content...

May 10, 2020

Popular actor Bilal Ashraf has just entered the alarmingly increasing list of people who have been enchanted by the world of popular Turkish TV series, Diriliş: Ertuğrul.

The Superstar actor took to Twitter on Saturday and wrote, "Ertuğrul is brilliant! Great story and awesome production. Happy to see it was introduced to the local audiences."

After praising the show he added, "Film, Drama is a form of art and it needs to be appreciated regardless of where it was made. What do you guys think?"

Following the notion of art exceeding boundaries, Bilal is clearly all about appreciating whatever is worthy of praise out there, no matter where it is coming from.

The Waar actor Shaan Shahid, however, had shared opposing sentiments earlier. He explained how emphasis should instead be made on producing and broadcasting local content.

He responded to two users who felt the series was important for the youth to learn Islamic history. “If Islamic history is the same for everyone, then this show should have been dubbed in Arabic and aired in Saudi Arabia.”

He added, "..for how long would we keep on working with borrowed content? PTV should produce epics like these. Where is the funding?”

One more user went on to question the star, “Islamic history is our history. As for our dramas and movies, they are very disappointing. None of our actors take a stand against the vulgar, crappy, classless plays and movies they agree to do. Is it only Imran Khan’s responsibility to take a stand and demand better? What about you all?

To this Shaan said, “Well without the support of a govt policy we can’t create an infrastructure and without the infrastructure, the Pakistani film and TV producers will keep on making whatever gets them ratings.”

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Nevertheless, Bilal wasn't the only one. Chhalawa actor Asad Siddiqui also complimented the series on his Twitter. He even went on to say that he hoped to make a similar serial himself one day.

He wrote, "I really hope that if not anyone, then I myself will make a TV show like #ErtugrulGhazi and the sequel #KurulusOsman where the teachings of Islam are being projected along with the history of the Muslim world. Started watching it in 2018 and still not over it."

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